STATUS: IN THE PUG ABODE - Danny will be spending the rest of his days in foster care with Pugalug.

Foster Update - August 19, 2020

Danny continues to be a happy little man who spends most of his days sleeping on the big bed. However, he is engaged with everything going on in the house and in the world around him. He likes to go on what he would call walks but we call it a meander. His back surgery has given him the ability to walk faster and at this point he can make it most of the way around the block as long as we pick him up and carry him for part of the way. But he can no longer do stairs and needs to be carried up and down. We have to support his front paws, though, or he is a bit panicky - he looks like he is flying. 

Due to Nova’s scheduled feeding times, all of the dogs in the house are on the same schedule. Danny feels that a 7:30 a.m. breakfast time is far too early and a 7:30 p.m. dinner time is far too late. As a result, he generally skips breakfast (snacks when he gets up) and starts to stand over his bowl every night starting at 6:00 p.m. trying to make eye contact with someone who will take pity on the poor starving boy.  

Danny has been on an ointment for dry eye in his right eye. He hates the dreaded ointment, fighting and biting at the air so it is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved. We are now switching him to drops to make everyone’s life easier. 

When Danny first came into foster care, we thought he was going to pass soon.  But as his liver gets worse, he just keeps getting spunkier.  Maybe it’s because over time he has become more secure in this environment. He appears to be quite settled here and gets a bit anxious when he can’t find us (or Kitty). He has just had his bloodwork re-done and his liver enzymes are more elevated than before. The vet feels that it is just a matter of time before his quality of life will be compromised due to his liver. So he is going back onto the Hepato support to try to stabilize his liver for now and extend his quality of life. Given all this, we feel that he should remain in his foster home for the duration of his life where he is happy, well looked after and loved.  We think he would agree - thanks to his back surgery, he is able to wag his tail again, and he does wag it a lot.

Danny will be living out the rest of his time in the Pug Abode and will not be available for adoption.  Thank you for caring for this lovely boy and supporting his journey.

Foster Update - June 25, 2020

Danny continues to be the King of the Nap in our home.  He likes to take advantage of the fact that we are all home all of the time and tries to sleep in as long as possible every day.  Once we convince him to wake up, he goes outside, has some water and morning (sometimes afternoon) snacks and then barks to be let up onto the couch to continue his mid-day nap. 


Danny loves when we get his harness out and gets to go for a walk.  While he loves his walks, they are really more of a slow speed wander.  He continues to work on getting more mobility and strength back post surgery.


He will be going to the vet shortly for a re-check on his overall health.


He is a lovely boy who just needs a comfy retirement home

Foster Update - May 22, 2020

Danny continues to recover from his back surgery.  He has become a bit more mobile and likes to go on his strength-building walks.  He does, however, dislike his rehab exercises quite a bit.  Before he does his physio, he gets a heating pad on his back (loves it), then he does his rotation exercises (hates it) and then ends with an ice pack (tolerates it).  We have celebrated some small victories in his recovery but they are probably too much information to share.  Let’s just say he can now use the washroom unattended like a big boy.  He can also walk much more quickly than before and is much sturdier on his feet than he once was.


Danny also continues to enjoy the company of his self-isolated people and tolerates the young puppy in residence as well.  He still enjoys eating and drinking, and loudly letting us know when he needs something.  He’s a little love of a dog.


Foster Update - April 24, 2020

Going in to this period we discovered that Danny had a neurological condition that wasn’t hurting him but was impairing his mobility.  We were able to get him an MRI and then followed up by spinal surgery three weeks ago.  He is now recovering from the surgery and doing really well.  The first three days were scary but now he is doing his physiotherapy like a champ (while he doesn’t like it he tolerates it well).  His walk is still a bit wobbly but he now walks at high speed.  He is off his pain medication and starting to enjoy life again.  He had his stitches removed a week ago and it has healed at the site.


During the day he now sits beside me on the couch and supervises my work.  When I leave the room, he likes to scream like a howler monkey until I return.  At night he likes to be carried up to bed where he always takes my spot first.  I then have to negotiate with him to get him to move over.  Then he settles in to cuddle with my elderly pug Kitty for the night.


Having Danny in your life is a gift.  He’s such a happy little boy who wants nothing more than a comfortable place to rest, food in his belly and someone to be close to.

Foster Update -April 7, 2020

Danny has really started to settle in here.  He now hops and whines when he feels that he should be getting his dinner first.  He also amazingly has a bit of hearing when it’s dinner time as he appears to be able to hear kibble when it lands in a bowl.  He has become quite a little character. Initially he was quite quiet here and would just go with the flow but now, it’s either because he has hit a certain age or because he has become very comfortable, he loves to make a variety of noises to boss us all around. 


We aren’t sure if he is enjoying all of the extra time he is getting with us right now or if we are disturbing his best napping time.


Yesterday, Danny somehow managed to steal a bag of caramel M&M’s and went under the dining room table to try to eat them.  I heard the crinkling of the bag so I was able to get them away from him before he got any.  Normally I would be upset with a dog for stealing but we can’t figure out for the life of us how he got them and are honestly a bit proud of him.


He also had a bath last night and we learned that now he feels comfortable here he also let us know that the bath was not appreciated. 


What we initially thought was just an old man walking has turned out to be a neurological challenge.  He was initially booked for an MRI last week but it has now been postponed until April 2nd to be able to determine whether his weird drunken sailor walk is treatable.

Foster Update, January 4, 2020

Danny has now had his dental (9 teeth removed) and had his tiny warty lump removed. He came through the surgery very well and recovered very quickly.

Leading up to his dental we discovered that Danny may be in the early stages of liver and/or kidney failure. We have an appointment booked for him on January 8th to investigate further. Fingers crossed.

Foster Update, November 13, 2019

Danny continues to be a little charmer of a boy. He loves to follow us around the house and scream orders at us if we accidentally leave him in a room that he doesn't want to be in.

He has now had his blood work done twice to prepare for his dental. We are waiting to see if we can proceed.

Introduction, September 25, 2019

Danny is an approximately 11-year-old male fawn pug who was found as a stray. When we picked him up it was clear that he is a very senior and dignified man.

He slept for the first three days he was here and we were a bit concerned that he may be failing. It turns out that he was just resting up so that he could begin bossing us all around. He loves to go upstairs but not down. When he gets to the top of the stairs he screams until we come and get him to carry him down. When he determines it is dinner time he likes to follow me around ramming me in the shins. He won't eat his dinner though until he is convinced that there is no people food available. He also started to play the other day and even though he was playing with my daughter he ran by me to mouth my ankle to include me in the game.

He has been to the vet for his general wellness and we are waiting on his results. He is expected to have a dental in the next couple of weeks.

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