With the province under extended stay at home orders, adoptions and home-visits are on hold until further notice. 


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UPDATE - May 8, 2021


George came into rescue as a result of his severe social anxiety and aggressive behaviour.  His former family worked hard to overcome his problems with training and medication and finally made the hard decision to surrender him so he could get the help he needed elsewhere.


Fortunately Pugalug has a long-time foster volunteer with unique qualifications; she is an Academy credentialed trainer with top notch behaviour skills and, given that we asked and she agreed to foster George, we accepted his owner's request that we take George in. Our mutual decision has paid off in George’s happiness and improved confidence. We are delighted to announce that he has now found a furever home with his foster family.  


When asking if she could adopt him, foster mom said that George is "pretty much my perfect dog in every way and all the family members adore him. I think George feels the same way about us. I also think I can keep him pretty stress free here. I am on a large property in a rural zone ... so we don’t run into strangers much. George has shown zero reactivity to the people I do have in my life after the initial meetings. He also has made unbelievable progress in how fast he is okay with them during  that first meeting.”  She sent this further update:

"George has been with us for more than two months. Although we focused on lowering his anxiety and reducing his stranger reactivity, George focused on making us fall in love with him. In retrospect, I think I knew after about two days that this was my dog. Watching him play and cuddle with the other dogs was a daily treat. And having him curl up in my lap for belly rubs or sneak behind me to chew on my flyaway hairs made me smile every time. As such, we had the hard conversation about whether or not we could let him go. We knew we could not.
George has made great progress with his stranger danger. Although he is still initially wary of new people, it doesn’t take long for him to feel secure in their presence. We have begun weaning him off his anti-anxiety meds and will be monitoring his progress closely. George is a smart boy who loves learning new behaviours. A super strong recall and an adorable spin are his latest accomplishments. Learning agility basics will be our next project.


We feel fortunate to have George join our family. He is such a special little man"!

FOSTER UPDATE - April 11, 2021

Not a lot has happened since George’s last update. The biggest news is that George had his first vet visit. He did very well and wore his muzzle like an absolute champ. He had a couple of nervous moments but the treats were flowing and the staff was extremely accommodating. It was a very good experience overall. We’re not doing blood tests until next visit but George’s general exam revealed a healthy boy. We got his tick medication and also renewed his Reconcile prescription. He’ll continue taking it for at least another month as we pair it with his behaviour modification training.


Unfortunately, due to COVID and having a reclusive foster mom, we haven’t had a lot of opportunity to work on behaviour modification training for George’s stranger aggression. Originally, we were planning on working with George’s foster grandma. George met her a week after he arrived and there was a lot of barking and lunging. However, when she came to visit a week later, we did a little work and they became fast friends. I actually began to feel a little neglected, LOL. They’ve been best buddies ever since and George always comes along to visit grandma. Although we’ve spent the last month avoiding people, I know it’s time to venture out for some set-up encounters with strangers. We’ll begin with a lot of distance in controlled environments to set George up for success. In the meantime, we’ve been working on his recall, sit/stay, “find it,” and u-turns. He is such a fast learner.


 In terms of George’s “must put everything in my mouth” adventures, there is never a dull moment. Things I have retrieved from George’s mouth include pieces of glass, nails, wood, rocks, earplugs, some mystery items (that he swallowed before I got a look), and hair … glorious glorious hair. He just loves to eat hair. George will get hair from the floor, he’ll pull it off of blankets or my socks, or, and this is my favourite, he’ll quietly move behind me and eat the flyaways from my head. I sometimes don’t even realize he’s there until I feel a little tug. The expression on his face when I turn around and catch him makes me laugh out loud every time.


George continues to enjoy every minute of playtime with his foster siblings. If he had his way, it would be a 24-hour activity. His favourite foster sister is generally on board for non-stop wrestling but has moments where she would definitely label him a pest. Pesty moments aside, he is fantastic with them and fits right in. We are all George fans here!

FOSTER UPDATE - March 6, 2021

George is a 16-month-old pug-mix who came into rescue due to severe anxiety and fear-based aggression towards strangers. He is currently taking Fluoxetine daily to help manage his anxiety. George has been with us for two weeks and, like his previous family, we have found him to be fantastic with other dogs and with us although it did take him a little longer to feel comfortable with the male in the house. We are very isolated where we live so George hasn’t met any human or canine strangers so far. This gives him a chance to just relax before we start doing some behavioural modification with his stranger-danger.


I am working on muzzle-training George so he can feel comfortable wearing a muzzle when he goes to the vet. Therefore, there is no medical update on George. He is a smart boy and eager to do training so the muzzle conditioning has been going very well but I don’t want to rush things. We also pair putting on his harness and coat with a treat every time to make sure he associates it with good things. George is also currently enrolled in The Centre for Canine Education’s online Cranky Canine program to help with his training. 


George has been spending most of his time going on long walks or wrestling with his foster siblings. They have been invaluable to his adjustment and happiness here. At 23lbs, he outweighs them and is good at taking on all comers. He also is much more winter-weather tolerant than they are. On days when the resident pugs refuse to go out into the elements, George is eager to go. In fact, he’s become my best all-weather walking buddy.


George loves to chew…everything. If he isn’t wrestling, playing with his toys, hiking or napping, then George is chewing. He has sampled everything from couch corners to power outlet covers so requires a constant eye and an abundance of chew toys. He reminded me to tell you that bully sticks are his favourite.


George has behavioural issues that will require training and constant management going forward to ensure his life is as stress-free as possible. That being said, George is a complete gem of a dog.


INTRODUCTION - February 21, 2021

Please join us in welcoming Pugalug's newest rescue - 15 month old George.  George was brought into rescue yesterday and traveled well.   He will spend a couple of weeks in his new foster home decompressing before he goes for his first vet visit for a check-up and rabies booster.  Please stay tuned for George's full bio, regular updates and (of course!) more photos of this sweet young man!