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Pugalug Rescue #365 - Gizmo

Gizmo has settled in well from the first day he stepped into the apartment.  There seemed to be a “no issues pact” between him and the resident 12 year old female pug from the first nose touching.


For an older dog who has no experience with elevators, Gizmo is now, after one week, a master of it.  Going from flattening himself onto the elevator floor to marching confidently in.  The same with stairs and the big bed steps.  We showed him how to get down from the big bed once, and now he’s a natural, walking each step – no jumping.  At bed-time we carry him in and put him onto the bed; we think that after watching his new sister going up the steps, he will soon follow.  Maybe not - he might like falling asleep in front of the TV and then being carried off to bed while still asleep.

Although Gizmo and the resident pug don’t curl up together – possibly down the road that will happen - there is full acceptance.  They both sit well together, seat-belted into the back seat of the car.  Gizmo has at times walked over his new sister who takes no notice.


Gizmo loves his walks and car rides and, when home resting, sitting by either of his humans’ feet.  However, occasionally he likes to play with a stuffed toy.  He really likes to play gentle rough-housing while on his back, and one never feels his teeth.  A really gentle guy.     

When little children come over to admire him, Gizmo will stand patiently.  In typical pug style, he seems to love everyone.


We feel so blessed to have Gizmo as ours and already feel that he has been with us for ages. 

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