COVID-19 UPDATE:  The rescue is currently looking at opening for adoptions on June 15th.

We are taking an abundance of caution due to our concern for the safety of ALL our volunteers and supporters. Assuming we do open on June 15th, home visits would still require that masks be worn by the home visitor volunteer as well as all members of the potential adopter's family who will be present during the home visit.

Please note that the June 15th opening is tentative and will depend on what happens between then and now and any potential changes to the advice provided by the province of Ontario. Again, we are all in a new world here and we would rather err on the side of caution.


Foster Update - April 7, 2020

Gizmo has been a doll to have around.  He's quite calm unless animals are on TV - especially werewolves.  He does not like them!  He still tries to get into the fridge and the kitty litter, so fridge locks and hiding litter boxes is a must. Gizmo has lost 1kg 1/2 and has built quite the muscles in his legs. He loves his walks and will fight you if he knows we are taking the shortcut home. 

Gizmo had dental surgery in January and has recuperated from this quite well. His eye surgery, scheduled for March 24th, was postponed because of Covid-19.  It will be rebooked when the specialist determines it is safe and Gizzy will be ready for adoption once he has recovered from that. 

Foster Update - November 19, 2019

Gizmo is settling well into his foster home. His personality is starting to show and he has a mischievous side which is endearing. He has figured out how to open the fridge so we now have a childproof lock on it. Quite smart he is. Gizmo loves lying against you while watching TV.

Gizmo hasn't had any accidents in the house after the first week in foster care. We go on 3 or 4 walks a day and he now understands this is where he should do his business. As soon as we wake up in the morning he waits by the front door to go out. Again he's a very smart boy.

Gizmo had his first vet visit and over all he is in good health for an almost 9-year-old. He will be going in for his neutering on November 11th. Gizmo's sight appears to be partially affected by pigmentary keratitis. Unfortunately almost the entire right cornea and half of the left is covered with pigment, blocking his sight. He seems to get by fine and does not bump into objects. We will be seeing ophthalmologist for therapies/recommendations to try to slow down the progression.

Gizmo's teeth have generalized moderate tartar, and some appear rotated although not crowded, while others are crowded together with some gingival recession so a dental with potential for some extractions will be scheduled.

Gizmo came into rescue slightly overweight at his first vet visit he weighed in at 10.1 kg. Two weeks ago he weighed in at 9.6kg. So he is slowly losing weight. His food intake has not been modified and we attribute the weight loss to more walking.

Introduction - October 1, 2019

Gizmo has been in his foster home for 4 days and he's doing well. However, we are not sure if he's an actual pug because he's not motivated by food or being with people. He even likes the rain and walks through puddles!

Gizmo has his first vet appointment soon and we will schedule his neutering. We will do an entire wellness panel since he has never been seen by a vet.

We are working on house training issues. Gizmo has been wearing a belly band to minimize his marking in the house. We are also trying to minimize his barking. Poor Gizmo also has to lose some weight, as he is a chunky monkey.

He's a quirky little guy -- very sweet and so cute. He gets along with the resident cat and is friendly with all dogs we have met on our walks.

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