Look where they are now!   An update on some of our past Pugalug Alumni living the good life in their forever homes. 








Pugalug Rescue #359 - Brinkley

Brinkley is now in her forever home!  Stay tuned for her Happy Tail after she has settled in!



Pugalug Rescue #362  - Greta

When Greta first came to me, she had no name. I gave her a name. A strong name. She had spent most of her adult life in a cage with little human contact. On the first day, she ran from me and hid in the bedroom.  I gave her space, comfort and treats. Over the last 5 months I've seen her blossom from that scared little pug to feeling confident in her surroundings.  I will always treasure the memory of:

  • The first time she squealed with delight when I picked up her leash knowing she was going out for a walk. 

  • The first time she rolled on her back in the grass, ending with a smile.

  • The first time she shouted "Breakfast" at me. 

  • And, just this week, the first time she took a treat from another person's hand.


I have created a place where she feels safe and the best thing for Greta is to stay in that place. We will continue to work on her integration with other people. But when she rests her little head on my thigh, I know this is the best home for her. 









Pugalug Rescue #360 - Henree

Hello from Henree! It has been three weeks since Henree joined our little family and it has been pure joy to see him figure out that this might be an okay place to hang his hat. From the very first night, he has slept in the big bed; usually in the middle, crossways. Many nights Gordie (the cat) joins us and they have begun to forge a good friendship. The last couple of days they have a game of tag in the mornings with yipping and meowing involved. 


Henree has been to as many places as he can be allowed in the three weeks. He is not too keen on riding in the car, but we are working on making it as positive as we can. His first time in a pet store, he almost lost his mind! Now he walks in and sits when asked, and does a trick or two to impress the folks. He has even been to meet my Dr.! 


We have settled into a nice routine where we walk, play games, do some training and have outings. He still is unhappy to be left alone and cries and barks. We are going to work with a wonderful person, Joan Weston, to help us with behavioural issues and we are hopeful that she can give us strategies to help him be more comfortable. I have also signed him up for daycare every so often to allow me to get out for longer periods and to allow him to socialize with other dogs his size. This past week, Henree began obedience classes and it was a mind blowing experience for him! He was so excited, he just couldn’t stand it! Finally his brain recircuited and he realized he knew this stuff! 


Henree has been such a wonderful addition to our lives and we cannot be more grateful to have been chosen to be his mama and furline brother. Thank you so much for giving me this gift. We will keep you posted on our adventures and progress!








Pugalug Rescue #357 - Fendi

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful it is that Fendi has joined our family!  From the very first she has brought us joy, and all we seem to want to do is find new ways to make her happy.  She loves to go for walks – she stops to sniff everything so thoroughly! Even better for her is the opportunity to call out to every dog she sees (no matter how far away he or she might be!) She is also willing to take on any car or truck she sees!

She made herself at home the first night by burrowing under the sheets to the very bottom of the bed.  She’s very affectionate and loves to make contact – sitting on laps, leaning against legs, lying sideways across the bed (stretched to her full length!), and snoozing in my arms as I work at my desk.  Today in a video meeting, I had to turn off my microphone when I realized that others in the meeting could hear Fendi’s snores which had gotten quite loud.  I guess I have grown accustomed to the sounds. 


One of her favourite things is to race back and forth in the backyard, calling out to the neighbours’ dog, who also happens to love calling out at the top of her lungs. They have only met through the fence so far,  but I think the day they finally meet will be epic!  In any case, our neighbourhood is surely aware by now that there’s a new dog in town!

Riding in the car is an exciting experience…..Fendi loves to say "hello" to other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and of course, other dogs.  And she just about loses her mind if we drive alongside a bus!  We drop off and pick up my daughter from work most days. Fendi is heartbroken each time we drop off (until she sees a squirrel or leaf) and falls in love all over again at pick up time.

Fendi enjoys her squeaky toys. Making them squeak is a full-body activity for her and she has found that this is another way to make contact with her humans.  She will sit or lie close to one of us and use us as the solid surface to pound her toy against to get the very best squeaks!

One of my favourite things is to see the joy she brings to others – her happy, animated face never fails to bring out the smiles from others as we take our walks together. It is wonderful to have a pug in my life again, and I look forward to enjoying the next decade, and finding new ways to show her how special and loved she is!









Pugalug Rescue #367 - Notcho

Notcho is a delight!!  He has settled in very well with us, and is especially attached to our young son and my husband. He's easy going, likes to play and LOVES walks. He is also very chill and likes to snuggle us and watch tv.

From the first night he slept in the big bed (of course!). It seemed as if we had him forever.  He loves chasing birds and other unwelcome animals out of our yard. He also loves looking out the window and can recognize the sound of my husband's truck.  He makes a bee line for the window to welcome him home from work. He loves rides in the truck and has his own spot with a bed so he can see everything going on.


After losing our pugs Sami and Odie last year, our hearts finally feel full again. He's a perfect pug companion and sweet addition to our family. We call our house Notcho Nation!! 

Pug love is the best!! Thanks Pugalug, he's a little treasure!




Pugalug Rescue #366 - Saje

We are one lucky family. Saje has settled in beautifully with us and has quickly wiggled her way into our hearts. She is a wonderful family dog and goes to each member of her family. She adores the kids and waits outside their doors to wake them up in the morning. Sweet yet sassy, she has a beautiful friendship with her pug sister. The two girls are less then one month apart in age and are inseparable. We sometimes call them double trouble or the twisted sisters depending on what they might be doing at the time. We are incredibly proud of both of them - sister has supported Saje with her transition to our household, and Saje looks to her new sister to learn the routines of our house, for comfort and for play. We feel so fortunate that they have one another to play with and we believe it is only the start of a very special relationship for these two girls. 

They are very rambunctious and love to zoom around our yard. Of course they often love the same toys even though there are many to choose from. The girls might play hard with each other and our kids, but they also sleep pretty hard too. Surprisingly, Saje takes up quite a lot of space in our bed at night.  During the day when the girls are tired, they both flop and snore for a short period. They settle down nicely and snuggle with their senior pug brother, often sharing one lap. Saje is very respectful of his age and knows that he wants to be left alone to relax and nap.

Saje loves to watch TV and will not hesitate to bark at any animal that she sees. Currently she is barking at the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon. My ring tone for the veterinarian is a dog barking, and she barks back at that as well. I guess it’s time to change my ring tone. She really is quite a hoot. Her bark is surprisingly very ferocious for a small pug. 

Saje is now an early riser and loves to get up and go on a nice long walk in the morning. She’s making progress at not barking at every animal that she comes across. It’s clear that she’s a very smart young dog who learns quickly and who rolls with new things.

Saje has quite an appetite. She loves to go to our gardens and find a snack. So far she’s eaten cucumber, carrots, and beans. We’re working on keeping her out of our vegetable gardens. 

Today Saje went to her first vet visit so that we could medicate her against ticks and heart worm and so she could have her physical for pet insurance.Her pug sister accompanied her to help Saje feel at ease and we were allowed to accompany her in. Although she was timid with the veterinarian, she warmed up nicely when the vet tech gave her some liver treats. That appetite!


We are so fortunate that we have this extra time at home to spend with Saje and the other members of our grumble, so that everyone feels comfortable and has time to get to know each other. She’s settled in so easily that it feels we’ve had her so much longer than two weeks. We feel that Saje was definitely meant to join our family. Thanks to the Pugalug volunteers for all of their hard work. This is our second time adopting from Pugalug and we know the outstanding work that you do. 

Pugalug Rescue #365 - Gizmo

Gizmo has settled in well from the first day he stepped into the apartment.  There seemed to be a “no issues pact” between him and the resident 12 year old female pug from the first nose touching.


For an older dog who has no experience with elevators, Gizmo is now, after one week, a master of it.  Going from flattening himself onto the elevator floor to marching confidently in.  The same with stairs and the big bed steps.  We showed him how to get down from the big bed once, and now he’s a natural, walking each step – no jumping.  At bed-time we carry him in and put him onto the bed; we think that after watching his new sister going up the steps, he will soon follow.  Maybe not - he might like falling asleep in front of the TV and then being carried off to bed while still asleep.

Although Gizmo and the resident pug don’t curl up together – possibly down the road that will happen - there is full acceptance.  They both sit well together, seat-belted into the back seat of the car.  Gizmo has at times walked over his new sister who takes no notice.


Gizmo loves his walks and car rides and, when home resting, sitting by either of his humans’ feet.  However, occasionally he likes to play with a stuffed toy.  He really likes to play gentle rough-housing while on his back, and one never feels his teeth.  A really gentle guy.     

When little children come over to admire him, Gizmo will stand patiently.  In typical pug style, he seems to love everyone.


We feel so blessed to have Gizmo as ours and already feel that he has been with us for ages. 

Pugalug Rescue #325 - Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle was Pugalug Alum #325 and fostered by Miss Pickles the Pug’s parents, prior to her intake to rescue. We adopted Lucy 12-16-2016 and she quickly decided DADDY was her person. That hasn’t changed. Since we have adopted Lucy, we moved from Toronto back to our home in Houston, Texas. She has loved being a little Texan, what with the unlimited sunshine and chances to get brisket bits... Her favorite way to spend time is basking in the backyard sun. Lucy has had 2 grade 1 MCTs removed since we adopted her but has been otherwise healthy. She’s a quirky little thing with OPINIONS and we are so lucky to have her. She makes our home a happy place to be.

 367 pugs rescued since October, 2005

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