COVID-19 UPDATE:  The rescue is currently looking at opening for adoptions on June 15th.

We are taking an abundance of caution due to our concern for the safety of ALL our volunteers and supporters. Assuming we do open on June 15th, home visits would still require that masks be worn by the home visitor volunteer as well as all members of the potential adopter's family who will be present during the home visit.

Please note that the June 15th opening is tentative and will depend on what happens between then and now and any potential changes to the advice provided by the province of Ontario. Again, we are all in a new world here and we would rather err on the side of caution.

Foster Update:  April 30, 2020

Notcho fits right in with the resident pugs. He was a little shy at first but now that he's settled in has shown his funny personality. 


Notcho loves to let the squirrels know they're not welcome in his backyard and when he sees them out the patio door, he wants out to chase them off.  He loves running around the yard with the resident pugs.


Notcho loves human companionship and the closer he can get to you, the better.  He sleeps in the big bed and will let me know it's bedtime by heading to the bedroom door and waiting to be lifted up on the bed.


He plays with the others but also is quite happy to play by himself with the toys. He has been enjoying walks around the neighbourhood and sniffing every tree, pole or anything that's vertical.  

Introduction - April 5, 2020

Notcho is a 3 year old male neutered pug that arrived a week ago.  He was a little uncertain when he first met his resident brothers and sister and would just sit by himself.

Notcho has settled in more and now loves to go out and run in the backyard with them and boy can he run fast. He was said to have a problem with peeing in the house but with strict supervision and the help of a belly band he's been very good.


Notcho will need his initial vet once over and has a small hernia that will need to be repaired once things get back to somewhat normal. 

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