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Pugalug Rescue #366 - Saje

We are one lucky family. Saje has settled in beautifully with us and has quickly wiggled her way into our hearts. She is a wonderful family dog and goes to each member of her family. She adores the kids and waits outside their doors to wake them up in the morning. Sweet yet sassy, she has a beautiful friendship with her pug sister. The two girls are less then one month apart in age and are inseparable. We sometimes call them double trouble or the twisted sisters depending on what they might be doing at the time. We are incredibly proud of both of them - sister has supported Saje with her transition to our household, and Saje looks to her new sister to learn the routines of our house, for comfort and for play. We feel so fortunate that they have one another to play with and we believe it is only the start of a very special relationship for these two girls. 

They are very rambunctious and love to zoom around our yard. Of course they often love the same toys even though there are many to choose from. The girls might play hard with each other and our kids, but they also sleep pretty hard too. Surprisingly, Saje takes up quite a lot of space in our bed at night.  During the day when the girls are tired, they both flop and snore for a short period. They settle down nicely and snuggle with their senior pug brother, often sharing one lap. Saje is very respectful of his age and knows that he wants to be left alone to relax and nap.

Saje loves to watch TV and will not hesitate to bark at any animal that she sees. Currently she is barking at the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon. My ring tone for the veterinarian is a dog barking, and she barks back at that as well. I guess it’s time to change my ring tone. She really is quite a hoot. Her bark is surprisingly very ferocious for a small pug. 

Saje is now an early riser and loves to get up and go on a nice long walk in the morning. She’s making progress at not barking at every animal that she comes across. It’s clear that she’s a very smart young dog who learns quickly and who rolls with new things.

Saje has quite an appetite. She loves to go to our gardens and find a snack. So far she’s eaten cucumber, carrots, and beans. We’re working on keeping her out of our vegetable gardens. 

Today Saje went to her first vet visit so that we could medicate her against ticks and heart worm and so she could have her physical for pet insurance.Her pug sister accompanied her to help Saje feel at ease and we were allowed to accompany her in. Although she was timid with the veterinarian, she warmed up nicely when the vet tech gave her some liver treats. That appetite!


We are so fortunate that we have this extra time at home to spend with Saje and the other members of our grumble, so that everyone feels comfortable and has time to get to know each other. She’s settled in so easily that it feels we’ve had her so much longer than two weeks. We feel that Saje was definitely meant to join our family. Thanks to the Pugalug volunteers for all of their hard work. This is our second time adopting from Pugalug and we know the outstanding work that you do. 

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