COVID-19 UPDATE:  The rescue is currently looking at opening for adoptions on June 15th.

We are taking an abundance of caution due to our concern for the safety of ALL our volunteers and supporters. Assuming we do open on June 15th, home visits would still require that masks be worn by the home visitor volunteer as well as all members of the potential adopter's family who will be present during the home visit.

Please note that the June 15th opening is tentative and will depend on what happens between then and now and any potential changes to the advice provided by the province of Ontario. Again, we are all in a new world here and we would rather err on the side of caution.

Foster Update - May 22, 2020

Saje is a little bundle of cuteness who has her first vet check up booked on June 8th.  She really, really loves Danny (not sure why, because he pays no attention to her whatsoever).  She is still working on her house training.  She always pees outside but we have recently discovered that she has been pooping (occasionally) in a hidden spot. 


She loves to be carried around like a baby and flattens herself over our left shoulder.  She has also started to play with my very large dog and he is very gentle with her.  We opened our pool this week so we brought her out to the pool to see how she does with that.  She is interested in the pool but goes down on her belly to check it out and has no interest in going any closer than that. 


She loves to go on very long walks and runs with my daughter as well.  She has boundless energy and loves to race around the house and yard when in the mood.  She also loves to take long naps and sleep at night on the big bed with either my younger daughter or myself.  She has become a bit reactive when on walks but we are relatively certain it’s because she can’t go and meet all the new people and dogs that she sees. 


Saje also has a high prey drive so whoever adopts her would be best not to have any rodent type animals (she tries to bite my guinea pig on a regular basis but is only mildly interested in our hedgehog (smart girl). Basically she loves life and everything that it has to offer!

Foster Update - April 24, 2020

The first couple of weeks that Saje was with us she was timid and shy and never made a sound.  Then she started to feel a bit more comfortable here and found her voice.  She may now think that her name is Drop It. Anything she walks by she puts in her mouth but then comes to us right away to show us and then spits whatever she has found.  She loves to go for long walks and smell absolutely everything.  She has become reactive when she sees other dogs but I think it’s more because she can’t go and visit them versus her actually being reactive.  She also loves to chase all the bunnies in my neighbourhood and she thinks she is quite a hunter (she’s not).  She has now taken to playing with my large dog and he is really gentle with her.  Her favourite game is to play tug and to chase and steal balls from him. When she has her naps, she loves to cuddle up with Danny.  He doesn’t love it but he tolerates her intrusions really well. 


During this time also, my kids have been sleeping in later and later every day.  When I need to get my kids up for the day, I bring Saje upstairs to the kids and she wakes them up by licking their faces and chewing their fingers.  It’s the most pleasant way they have ever woken up.


Basically she likes to play hard, eat hard and nap hard.

Introduction - April 5, 2020

Saje is a 1 year old fawn pug who has been with us a little over a week

She is a very tiny bundle of cuteness. She was initially very shy but has started to come around.   It’s very clear that she was loved very much in her previous home.  She loves to sleep on her fluffy dog bed on top of the big bed at night. She has really enjoyed meeting the other dogs in the house in the house and has developed a particular fondness for Danny (he doesn’t feel the same).

Saje loves to go on long walks in the bush and can go for hours. She is learning to walk on a leash and seems to be picking it up quickly.

For the first 4 days she was here I don’t think her feet hit the floor as my kids carried her everywhere. She is now exploring the house. We have found that she loves to play with a laser pointer.

She appears to be very healthy but it will be a while before we can bring her to the vet

The only thing we need to work on with Saje is her house-training.


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