The rescue has opened back up for adoptions.  NOT ALL DOGS ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.  Many dogs in foster care are still completing their vetting.  When a dog is available for adoption, they will be posted on our social media, and an adoption application will be available on their webpage. 


All home visits will require the family to fill out a health questionnaire, and everyone in the family will be required to wear a mask during the home visit.   Social distancing will be maintained to whatever degree that is possible in a home visit environment. The rescue reserves the right to refuse a home visit if these measures are not adhered to. The rescue has face masks that they can provide to volunteers and potential adopters who have a home visit scheduled.


Foster Update - October 7, 2020

Trudy, Rudy, Tiddlywinks – Has passed the most important part of her medical recovery.  Over the summer, Trudy underwent treatment for heartworm.  It was an intensive process with a lot of medication and rest/recovery.  We are so pleased to say that Trudy is now heartworm free!!  Trudy has received her vaccinations and had a biopsy on one of her lumps which came back benign.  We had a date set to have Trudy’s dental work done but, unfortunately, she got a lung infection.  She will finish that course of antibiotics this week and we hope Trudy will be well enough for surgery at the end of the month.  She desperately needs dental work done and we are sure she will be much happier after that is competed.  If all goes well, we will schedule her spay for the end of November.  Trudy is going to be as good as new.  


Trudy’s anxiety is being managed with medication and positive reinforcement. She is fearful of loud noises like the vacuum, squeaky toys and if something is dropped.  Oddly enough, Trudy is bothered more by lightning than thunder.  Trudy is almost accident free but doesn’t ask to go outside.  If she is taken out on a regular basis, she will go to the bathroom outside.  Trudy loves nothing more than a good cuddle and we are happy to oblige as we don’t think she has had many in the past.  Trudy is content with a familiar routine so she knows what to expect.  Her favourite time of day is still bed time.  She snuggles in close and snores the night away.

Trudy is a smart, strong willed old lady who is learning and growing and making up for lost time.   She is more confident every day.

Health Update - August 4, 2020

We are thrilled to report that Trudy has completed her heartworm treatment, and she is HEARTWORM FREE!!!  More updates to come on sweet older girl very soon!!!

Foster Update - April 27, 2020

Trudy, Rudey, Tiddlywinks -  is one big personality on skinny legs.  She has taken on the role of “Fun Police”.  When one of her housemates is playing with a squeaky toy, Trudy feels it is her duty to yell and put an end to his shenanigans.  We don’t think she has ever had toys to play with so she isn’t quite sure what is going on. 


At bed time, Trudy turns herself into a fashion accessory and wraps herself around her person’s neck like a luxurious scarf.  She has a loud, deep snore which makes us believe she sleeps peacefully and feels safe.  She now sleeps through the night.


Trudy prides herself on being a food connoisseur.  Breakfast and dinner are her favourite times of day.  She loves her healthy food but appreciates if her people prepare her meals quickly so she doesn’t have to wait.


The first week of May Trudy heads back to the vet to continue her heartworm treatment.  Round 2 consists of more medication and close observation.  Part of the recovery is that Trudy has to remain as calm as possible as she sheds the microfilaria. It is complicated by her separation anxiety.  We are working hard on building Trudy’s confidence and have learned helpful hints from Pugalug and her vet. Trudy also takes medication to help her with her anxiety.  The “Stay at Home” directive means that, although we are with Trudy more often, she does not have as much opportunity to be at home with just her foster brother to learn that she is safe and her people will return – good for the heartworm treatment but not so good for the separation anxiety. 


Trudy is making great strides and has settled in nicely.  She is learning that her people will keep her safe and will come home to her.  She is learning that peeing outside is a marvellous thing and treats are abundant when she does.  She knows that good food is plentiful. Trudy is gaining confidence, is eager to learn and loves to be held close and hugged.


Wish Trudy luck at her vet appointment for continued heartworm treatment.

Introduction - April 3, 2020

From the moment we picked her out of her crate, Trudy figured that this is where she should be.  She is happy, social and nosey.  She is always pushing her way into things to check them out. 

Trudy is thought to be around ten years old.  She has partial paralysis on the left side of her face as well as dry eye and very limited vision (if any) in her left eye.  She has some rotten teeth and her spine has seen better days.  Trudy has wee pancake flat feet from being with other dogs in a cage with a wire bottom for most of her life.  She was presumably there for breeding purposes only.  Trudy, however, remains curious, trusting and wanting to experience the whole world.  She is also sassy and loving and always wants to be touching someone.

There is a list of treatment and medical care that Trudy requires but the most urgent and the scariest is that Trudy tested positive for heart worm; she is class 2 out of 3.  The treatment is long and invasive.  For the next two months, Trudy will undergo the first stage of treatment which consists of a combination of medication to kill and pass the heart worm microorganisms and eggs.  At the end of May, we go after the adults that are actually living in her heart.  Until that time, she will be loved, fed well and receive good medical care to help her build up her strength and immunity.  We will also work on her house training and separation anxiety. 

We will keep you updated at every stage of Trudy’s fight.  Right now she is exploring her world, learning new things and getting lots of love and attention. 



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