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In Loving Memory - May 17, 2023

Trudy came into our home and our hearts just over three years ago. She came with nothing, not even a name. A hero had negotiated very hard for a very long time for Trudy and her daughter to be surrendered. It was estimated that Trudy was 10 years old; she had never been in a home.

Trudy was very sick but, thanks to the generosity of Pugalug and their caring supporters, Trudy was able to get the care she so deserved. Trudy has been treated for heartworm, melanoma and crippling arthritis. Trudy had all of her teeth removed and lived with severe anxiety and separation anxiety. 

Trudy loved routine, her home and her people. She was able to feel unconditional love, eat healthy, delicious food and feel kindness and deep love. 


Trudy had a big bed with lots of blankets that she shared with her person. Trudy spent time in the sunshine and walking on the grass in her yard. Trudy went to Pugoween where she met some of the people who cared about her (including two young women [sisters] who were Trudy’s biggest fans and were so kind to her).

Trudy was diagnosed with bone cancer and left this world with her favourite person holding her and whispering to her and giving her all the love that she deserved.

Pug Abode Update - December 14, 2021

Trudy is still paddling along. Overall it has been a steady flow. She has had a few flair ups of pain so she has been switched to the cartrogen injection. Trudy has been a superstar for them and she doesn’t even flinch. They seem to be working and her pain medication has been decreased. Trudy’s anxiety still rears its ugly head, which takes a lot out of her. She is a fan of routine and we try to stick to that as much as possible. 

Trudy now plays on occasion and has advanced her pug wrestling skills. Her toothless face grabs are almost perfected. She is really a happy, old soul. Trudy enjoys calm dogs but draws the line when they play because she deems herself to be the leader of the fun police. Trudy loves to eat and is now eager to try new food. She is a good girl for her eye drops (as long as she gets ‘’paid”). Trudy still wears a diaper because she has the occasional accident but she is doing so much better. She often just pees on stuff that is new or different so the diaper keeps things safe.

Trudy’s favourite time of day is when her fuzzy blanket with the moose on it comes out, her favourite person sits on the couch and she gets to snuggle with a good book.

Pug Abode Update - October 4, 2021

Trudy has had a relatively healthy few months.  She had an interdigital cyst which was treated with one course of antibiotics. The damp weather affects her severe arthritis and we have increased her pain medication for the time being. Trudy is enjoying the cooler weather but the rain upsets her. She begrudgingly goes out to relieve herself. Trudy is very scared of lightening and we don't make her go out when it is storming. Given what she lived through for so many years, we don't think that is fair to her. Trudy likes nothing more than snuggling under a fleece blanket next to her person while they watch TV or read. She also knows when it is kitchen time and spends time there waiting to try whatever food is being prepared.

Pug Abode Update - July 31, 2021

Trudy is paddling along.  She recently had a follow up appointment with Dr. Paterson to check on her infection along her spine. The xrays have been sent to a specialist for interpretation.    

Trudy certainly needs her routine. It helps keep her calm and happy. If her routine is disrupted, she can get herself into a tizzy. She still has anxiety and separation anxiety which are helped with medication and routine. Trudy knows when we come and go, knows when meal time is and adores bed time. After dinner she sits on the couch with her person and “moose” blanket to cuddle. The only thing that she will allow to disrupt her couch time is watermelon.  She jumps up and demands her share if it is being cut up in the kitchen. 

When Trudy first came to us, she would not try new foods.  This made it a bit of a challenge to give her her medication. Now she is a bit more adventurous and is willing to try most new foods if they pass the sniff test. 

Trudy and her foster moms would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Pugalug and all of the volunteers and donors who help Trudy live a good life and be loved.  

Pug Abode Update - June 11, 2021

Trudy is no longer on antibiotics but she will need to have regular checkups to monitor her spine deterioration and infection. Her vision is slowly deteriorating; she has no vision in her left eye and poor vision in her right eye.  Her hearing is still quite good but we have noticed it is not as sharp as it was; she doesn't always hear us when we come home now.


In addition to Trudy's anxiety medication, she is on heartworm prevention and pain medication.


Trudy has spent her time trying new food. When she arrived in foster care, she was so leery of anything new.  She has decided that different kinds of food are wonderful and that she wants to try everything.  Her favourites are watermelon and steak but she hasn't said "no" to anything recently.


Trudy is loving the warm weather. Rain and lightning scare her; we are sure she can feel the rain coming and her anxiety increases. As of now, the thunder has not bothered her very much.


Pug Abode Update - May 4, 2021

It has been a while and we are sorry for the delay.  We want to give you an update about Trudy. 
To spend time with Trudy and see how happy, sweet and loving she is. You would never know how difficult Trudy’s past life was.  One week into the care of Pugalug, Trudy was diagnosed with heartworm disease. After months of difficult treatment and nerve wracking waiting, she overcame the odds and finally tested negative. 

From years of being a backyard breeding bitch, she needed to be spayed but had to wait until she tested negative for heartworm.  It was a high risk spay because of Trudy’s age and because she had had so many litters.  She also had early pyometra but, again, overcame this. Trudy then had to have her dental surgery. All of her teeth were so rotten that they were all removed. It was also discovered from a lump biopsy that she had a mast cell tumour which was surgically removed once she had recovered from her dental surgery.  She was recovering well (as she does) and spent a warm, festive Christmas in her “bubble”.  

Trudy takes medication for anxiety and separation anxiety and thrives with a predictable routine.  We were thinking about writing her adoption requirements when she developed lameness in her left forearm. Xrays and blood work determined that Trudy has severe arthritis in both elbows, compressed discs in her spine and she had developed an infection in the discs in her neck. Trudy was being treated with antibiotics for 2 months then had a check up.  New xrays showed an improvement so she was prescribed another 2 months of antibiotics.  

With all that Trudy has been through (and is still going through) Pugalug and her foster parents decided that it would be best for Trudy to live out the rest of her life in the Pug Abode.  Foster pugs transition to the Abode when it is clear that it is best for that particular pug to stay where they are and have not only the support of their family but all of Pugalug. With Trudy’s age, anxiety levels and medical issues, it was decided that it is best if she stays where she is.  Trudy has never had a family before.

Trudy’s foster parents appreciate the opportunity to care for Trudy for as long as she has.  She has peace, love and a home.  We also want to thank the amazing people who support Pugalug in so many ways (volunteering, fundraising, donating and sending kind and supportive messages).  We couldn’t do what we do without people who support us and it is truly appreciated.  


Foster Update - January 9, 2021
Trudy, Rude, Tiddlywinks – Well, we have to say, Trudy has been the foster that has been with us the longest.  She came into our home in early March 2020 and she is still with us. As you know, Trudy was diagnosed with heartworm.  It is not all that common in southern Ontario and our first challenge was finding medication.  We were lucky enough to find a clinic that would share their supply and Trudy began the long, intensive treatment.  It was not known if Trudy had ever had medical care before and given her age and her (then) frail body, we were cautiously optimistic for her.  Well, Trudy spent the summer of 2020 undergoing treatment and was finally free of the heartworm and ready for the next challenge.
On October 27, 2020, Trudy had a dental and had all of her teeth extracted. Because she was healthier and stronger, she came through that surgery with flying colours.  It hasn’t slowed her down and she still loves to eat (perhaps a bit too much and may need to lose a pound or two).
Next, in December 2020, Trudy was spayed and had three lumps removed.  The recovery was a bit more difficult for her this time.  It took longer for Trudy to bounce back.  The spay was a success but one of the lumps was determined to be a mast cell tumour.  We thought that Trudy would be healthy enough and strong enough and ready to be put up for adoption in early 2021 but that is not the case.  Trudy is now scheduled to have another surgery to have her cancer removed.  These are always invasive surgeries and the recovery can be difficult but her vet is experienced and kind.
Trudy has had the opportunity to settle into a home.  Probably the first one she has ever had.  She still has anxiety and separation anxiety but she is doing so much better.  Trudy takes daily medication and benefits greatly from routine.  If things stay the same and all is calm, Trudy thrives. 
Trudy’s favourite time of day is cuddle time. She demands to be held.  Just yesterday, when chores were being done, Trudy was tired of waiting to be cuddled.  She started hobbling around on three feet; acting like she had a foot injury.  Once she was picked up and cuddled and satisfied with the quality of her cuddle, she wandered off like nothing happened. 
Trudy also appreciates a good meal.  She is not a fan of most fruit or vegetables but enjoys her kibble, pumpkin, meat and treats.  She has started using pill pockets for her medication.  She is gradually trying new things.  If we don’t feed Trudy fast enough, she will ram our shins until she gets her meal.
Trudy enjoys the company of her dog friends as long as they are calm.  She can be the “fun police” if there is too much toy squeaking or playing.  She voices her dismay and the occasional head butt and usually gets her message across.

Trudy still has her surgery and some healing ahead of her but she is doing so well considering she has never had anyone to care about her before; she is bossy, trusting, brave and sweet.  What more could anyone want?

Foster Update - November 30, 2020

Quick update on Trudy's vetting. It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster with this sweet girl. We were concerned that she might have pyometra, so we had her spayed as soon as possible.  The good news is that she didn’t have pyo, but while she was under anaesthetic, the vet removed 3 lumps, one being a nipple.  These lumps were sent them out for analysis and one came back today as a mast cell tumour which they’re going to keep their eye on.  She had a bit of a protracted recovery from the surgery but is doing well now.

Please keep Trudy in your thoughts!  We will post a full update on her health and recovery in the coming weeks when we have some new updates to share.

Foster Update - October 7, 2020

Trudy, Rudy, Tiddlywinks – Has passed the most important part of her medical recovery.  Over the summer, Trudy underwent treatment for heartworm.  It was an intensive process with a lot of medication and rest/recovery.  We are so pleased to say that Trudy is now heartworm free!!  Trudy has received her vaccinations and had a biopsy on one of her lumps which came back benign.  We had a date set to have Trudy’s dental work done but, unfortunately, she got a lung infection.  She will finish that course of antibiotics this week and we hope Trudy will be well enough for surgery at the end of the month.  She desperately needs dental work done and we are sure she will be much happier after that is competed.  If all goes well, we will schedule her spay for the end of November.  Trudy is going to be as good as new.  


Trudy’s anxiety is being managed with medication and positive reinforcement. She is fearful of loud noises like the vacuum, squeaky toys and if something is dropped.  Oddly enough, Trudy is bothered more by lightning than thunder.  Trudy is almost accident free but doesn’t ask to go outside.  If she is taken out on a regular basis, she will go to the bathroom outside.  Trudy loves nothing more than a good cuddle and we are happy to oblige as we don’t think she has had many in the past.  Trudy is content with a familiar routine so she knows what to expect.  Her favourite time of day is still bed time.  She snuggles in close and snores the night away.

Trudy is a smart, strong willed old lady who is learning and growing and making up for lost time.   She is more confident every day.

Health Update - August 4, 2020

We are thrilled to report that Trudy has completed her heartworm treatment, and she is HEARTWORM FREE!!!  More updates to come on sweet older girl very soon!!!

Foster Update - April 27, 2020

Trudy, Rudey, Tiddlywinks -  is one big personality on skinny legs.  She has taken on the role of “Fun Police”.  When one of her housemates is playing with a squeaky toy, Trudy feels it is her duty to yell and put an end to his shenanigans.  We don’t think she has ever had toys to play with so she isn’t quite sure what is going on. 


At bed time, Trudy turns herself into a fashion accessory and wraps herself around her person’s neck like a luxurious scarf.  She has a loud, deep snore which makes us believe she sleeps peacefully and feels safe.  She now sleeps through the night.


Trudy prides herself on being a food connoisseur.  Breakfast and dinner are her favourite times of day.  She loves her healthy food but appreciates if her people prepare her meals quickly so she doesn’t have to wait.


The first week of May Trudy heads back to the vet to continue her heartworm treatment.  Round 2 consists of more medication and close observation.  Part of the recovery is that Trudy has to remain as calm as possible as she sheds the microfilaria. It is complicated by her separation anxiety.  We are working hard on building Trudy’s confidence and have learned helpful hints from Pugalug and her vet. Trudy also takes medication to help her with her anxiety.  The “Stay at Home” directive means that, although we are with Trudy more often, she does not have as much opportunity to be at home with just her foster brother to learn that she is safe and her people will return – good for the heartworm treatment but not so good for the separation anxiety. 


Trudy is making great strides and has settled in nicely.  She is learning that her people will keep her safe and will come home to her.  She is learning that peeing outside is a marvellous thing and treats are abundant when she does.  She knows that good food is plentiful. Trudy is gaining confidence, is eager to learn and loves to be held close and hugged.


Wish Trudy luck at her vet appointment for continued heartworm treatment.

Introduction - April 3, 2020

From the moment we picked her out of her crate, Trudy figured that this is where she should be.  She is happy, social and nosey.  She is always pushing her way into things to check them out. 

Trudy is thought to be around ten years old.  She has partial paralysis on the left side of her face as well as dry eye and very limited vision (if any) in her left eye.  She has some rotten teeth and her spine has seen better days.  Trudy has wee pancake flat feet from being with other dogs in a cage with a wire bottom for most of her life.  She was presumably there for breeding purposes only.  Trudy, however, remains curious, trusting and wanting to experience the whole world.  She is also sassy and loving and always wants to be touching someone.

There is a list of treatment and medical care that Trudy requires but the most urgent and the scariest is that Trudy tested positive for heart worm; she is class 2 out of 3.  The treatment is long and invasive.  For the next two months, Trudy will undergo the first stage of treatment which consists of a combination of medication to kill and pass the heart worm microorganisms and eggs.  At the end of May, we go after the adults that are actually living in her heart.  Until that time, she will be loved, fed well and receive good medical care to help her build up her strength and immunity.  We will also work on her house training and separation anxiety. 

We will keep you updated at every stage of Trudy’s fight.  Right now she is exploring her world, learning new things and getting lots of love and attention. 



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