Given the most recent update from the province of Ontario about re-opening animals services effective May 16, 2020, including:


  • Veterinary services can resume all services by appointment

  • Businesses that board animals (e.g., stables) may allow boarders to visit, care for, or ride their animal

  • Pet grooming services

  • Pet sitting services

  • Dog walking services

  • Pet training services

  • Training and provision of service animals


The rescue is currently looking at opening for adoptions on June 15th. We are taking an abundance of caution due to our concern for the safety of ALL our volunteers and supporters. Assuming we do open on June 15th, home visits would still require that masks be worn by the home visitor volunteer as well as all members of the potential adopter's family who will be present during the home visit.

Social distancing would be maintained to whatever degree that is possible in a home visit environment. The rescue reserves the right to refuse a home visit if these measures are not adhered to. The rescue has face masks that they can provide to volunteers and potential adopters who have a home visit scheduled.

Please note that the June 15th opening is tentative and will depend on what happens between then and now and any potential changes to the advice provided by the province of Ontario. Again, we are all in a new world here and we would rather err on the side of caution.



Click on each dog's photo to learn more.  All dogs are currently in foster care.  When a dog is ready for adoption, it will be noted under their name and an adoption application will be available.

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