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Pug Abode Update - Jan. 13, 2024

It’s been a while since Oliver has reported in, and in that time, he’s been living his best life, and trying his hardest to stay out of the dogtor’s offices.


Oliver’s physical health issues are still being carefully monitored and treated, and his family continues to work daily on his anxiety issues. As happy as Ollie is now, his separation anxiety is something that will never fully heal, alas. While his family diligently keeps up with his carefully monitored, daily “missions”, Oliver has had many regressions, and we have accepted that, even with anxiety medication, he will have panic disorder for life. This means that Oliver needs a fairly predictable routine, with just the right amount of stimulation for his very smart, sensitive, and curious pug brain. He accompanies his mum pretty much everywhere, as he can only handle very limited time being away from her, even while being loved on by one of his other, trusted family members. 


Panic and anxiety disorder often presents with an ebb and flow of severity, so Ollie’s family lives in a way that is very tailored and responsive to what he needs as his anxiety peaks and troughs. Fortunately, when he is with his mum and his family or friends, Oliver has become a confident and almost gregarious little man, and his sweetness and the amount of love he has to give is off-the-charts.


Oliver had a VERY special visitor this past year, who came all the way up from the southern US to visit him! Ollie and Hermione, who is a rescue pug from Pug Hearts, in Texas, spent a week in the country together with their humans, going on many senior pug adventures and generally charming everyone they met. While not a nature boy at heart, Olls has embraced the rural and forested adventures that his family often takes him on, and he has a growing circle of canine and human friends and admirers across the continent. Ollie continues to thrive in his Pug Abode forever home as he enters his more senior years, and he inspires his family every day with his charm, his strength, and his wonderfully good-natured curiosity and love of the world around him.

Pug Abode Update - Jan. 19 2023

Pug Abode pug, Oliver Longbody sure has been put through the medical wringer, yet again, this winter. Ollie spent his autumn in and out of the dermatology office, and then, just before Christmas, found himself living the Cone Life, as out of nowhere, he developed a very painful indolent ulcer in one of his eyes. This is a sudden, very painful, non-healing eye condition that likely has genetic roots, and the only way to heal them is through surgical intervention. The silver lining to all of this is that Pugalug Pug Rescue and Oliver’s forever foster mum remain committed to Oliver’s health and well-being. Ollie was scheduled for surgery with his excellent ophthalmologist immediately after the holidays, and thankfully, he came through with flying colours. His foster mum followed a very strict post-surgical regimen of rest, rest, and rest, in addition to over 20 eye drops a day and pain and anti-inflammatory meds, and this brave and patient boy is finally getting back to living his best cone-free life.

Now that Oliver is free to be his whole, playful, senior pug self again, he and his foster mum are going to work on getting his cardio fitness and muscle tone back up to snuff (he’s become quite used to daylong naps in his recovery sofa nest, so this is proving to be a bit of a challenge), and they will be returning to work on his separation anxiety, which has taken a bit of a backseat while he works on his physical healing. Adventures, fun training games, and play dates with friends also await, so let’s hope for some good weather days ahead for this sweet and lovely little man.

Pug Abode Update - Nov. 1, 2022

Like most pugs, Oliver Longbody is happy that the heat of the summer has finally ended, and he has been enjoying the cooler autumn days with his forever foster mum. Alas, he has had a few trips back to his veterinarian for another eye ulcer, as well as for more allergy issues, but he seems to be over this latest hump, and is hopefully on his way to having a healed up body again.

Ollie has really come into his own over the past few months, much to the delight of everyone who knows him, and his social confidence is growing in leaps and bounds. His separation anxiety is another matter, however, and he continues to struggle with his confidence when he is not with his mum. This will be a lifelong issue for this special little man, unfortunately, but Pugalug, his mum, and his behavioural team are committed to him, and are working towards finding the right balance of medication and daily training so that he will hopefully be able to eventually find some small pockets of comfort, knowing that he will always be safe and loved, even when his mum is not immediately around.

Oliver has a very smart pug brain, and his mum is always looking for unique enrichment activities for him. Just in time for Halloween, Ollie was treated to a session at The Sniffery, out in Prince Edward County, where he had a simply *glorious* time running and sniffing and eating all of his personalised, special treats, hidden in enrichment toys all over the property. Please enjoy the photos from his amazing and fun day, and thank you for your support of Oliver’s continued medical journey, and of all of the other pugs in rescue and in need

Pug Abode Update - July 19, 2022

Oliver’s summer so far has been pretty quiet, which really is just what the doctor ordered after a medically hectic spring time. Summer can be a brutal time for stuffy faced dogs, so on these hot and sweaty days, Ollie is happy to hang out at home in the AC and fill his days with sofa snuggles, snuffle mats, brain puzzles, and his daily anxiety and physio exercises. On the cooler days, he can be found exploring new hiking (and sniffing) trails, refining his social skills by making new friends, and continuing to develop his confidence. We discovered accidentally that Ollie is also a HUGE fan of cricket, so his forever foster mum now dutifully drives him to the local pitch on the cooler days so he can watch the games while she reads her books. Ollie’s separation anxiety is still very much a rollercoaster ride work in progress, but his social anxiety and confidence are continually improving. His newest BFF is a gorgeous 70 pound Lab pup named Brutus, and if ever there was an instant connection best-friendship, this is it. Thank you for your continued support of this brave and sweet little man, as well as his fellow rescue pugs, and have a safe and happy summer, everyone!

Pug Abode Update - May 31, 2022

Little Oliver has had a busy springtime, mostly going in and out of vet and specialist offices for eye issues and skin and allergy related flare ups. Unfortunately, the many vet visits have thrown him for a bit of a loop, and Ollie’s separation anxiety has come back in full force. This is not uncommon with this kind of anxiety, and his foster mum and his fabulous behavioural specialist are keeping him feeling safe, and continuing to work at the pace that Oliver sets for his mental and emotional healing.

The good news is that Oliver’s eye condition is hopefully, finally on the mend, and fingers crossed we won’t have these same issues down the line (but pug eyes being pug eyes, we’re keeping the ophthalmologist on speed dial!)

Ollie continues to blossom, socially, and he makes new friends, both human and canine, everywhere he goes. He seems to have a particular affinity with older people, which has been absolutely delightful for many of his more advanced, senior human neighbours. Later evening walks have become a time of particular social delight for both Ollie and his senior fan club members, as they happily greet each other in the evenings out on the neighbourhood porches.

Thank you for following Ollie’s adventures! And thank you for continuing to support his care and well-being. This lovely, sweet longboi is deserving of all of the love  and care, and of so much more in this world.


Pug Abode Update - April 19, 2022

Oliver celebrated his 10th birthday this month! Alas, he had to celebrate it in a cone because of an eye ulcer that has put his medical and foster team on a little bit of a rollercoaster ride. We are hoping that his eyeball is now, finally, on the mend, but corneal ulcers can be tricky, so everyone please keep your fingers crossed!
Like many senior pugs, Oliver has developed issues that, when they are nipped in the bud, don’t necessarily have to impair or shorten his life, but they DO require careful attention and prompt medical intervention.
In case you are keeping track, Oliver’s growing medical team includes his wonderful home practice veterinarian and his team of awesome RVT’s, an oncologist, a dermatologist, a team of ophthalmologists, AND his separation anxiety behaviorist, who are ALL helping to make sure that this 10-year old puppy of a man stays healthy and happy well into his senior years. And we can’t forget his wonderful physical therapist, who Oliver thinks gives the BEST massages EVER.
This little man continues to flourish and grow in confidence in the care of his foster home, and despite many setbacks in his overall health, he is happy and even starting to get a little sassy sometimes, much to the delight of his foster mum.
Thank you for continuing to support Oliver and his fellow Pugalug rescue siblings as they find their way to health and happiness!

Pug Abode Update - March 3, 2022

Oliver continues to work hard with his separation anxiety training, and despite a few pretty big regressions, he continues to be a brave boy who is really trying to overcome his issues. He has a really excellent and compassionate behaviourist coach, and a very committed foster mum, and while separation anxiety is a lot to deal with, he is making slow progress.


Alas, the little man continues to develop little bumps, and he is a regular visitor to his vet and to his new oncology team. He is a sweet and special little man who deserves nothing but the best care and attention, and we’re hoping that he will stop being so bumpalicious, and be able to enjoy his many senior years ahead without so much fuss.


The winter cold is still not Oliver’s favourite weather, but he has been able to flex his brain indoors with puzzles, brain toys, and snuffle mats. Ollie is a smart little man, and his Pug Abode foster mum is slowly working on teaching him (and herself) new tricks and skills that he absolutely LOVES to learn. He is a very eager and happy little student when it comes to learning new things, and it’s a lot of fun to see him divert his big brain energy into learning, as opposed to his more anxious behaviours.


Small steps forward for this gorgeous little man, and all of this made possible because of the support of Pugalug Pug Rescue.

Pug Abode Update - February 4, 2022

Oliver has been spending the winter months working hard to avoid the snow and cold, and convincing his foster mum that sleeping in – and staying in – are things she should really embrace more often. Lots of sofa time and snoozy hours have been logged since we last updated everyone.


Separation anxiety is still (and likely will always be) a big issue with this little man, but his committed daily training sessions with his foster mum, under the supervision of a specialised behaviourist, are making a difference, and Oliver is making slow progress, which is great news. We are also very slowly reducing his anxiety medication – under medical supervision – and this seems to be going well so far.


With all of the good news, there has to be a little bump in the road, and that comes in the form of a literal bump. Another probable MCT growth has appeared on Oliver’s little self. Visits to his awesome veterinary team and to his new oncology specialist are now a regular feature on his dance card, but thankfully, he has no immediate surgeries on the horizon. Not yet, at least!


Oliver needs a lot of dedicated care and attention for both his emotional and physical health needs, and it is because of rescue that he is able to get the love and the expertise to help him heal and become his best self. So, once again, thank you for supporting the work of Pugalug Pug Rescue. Because of you, Oliver continues to heal and learn and grow – and be able to share his tremendously cute and often very derpy little self with you all.


Pug Abode Update - December 31, 2021

Oliver is spending a quiet and restorative holiday time, recovering from what was a very busy and stressful autumn for him. His multiple incision sites have almost all healed up, save for one little scar on his ribs that will likely be with him for some time to come. His foster mum thinks it adds an aura of mystery and toughness to this sweet little man, and it’s a reminder for her to check his whole body daily for new lumps and bumps. The body check is disguised as massages and skritches, so Oliver would like you to know he does not mind this one bit.

Ollie had a rather big regression in his separation anxiety work, which isn’t unexpected in SA dogs, but with diligent and consistent daily help from his behaviour specialist and his foster mum, he is showing small signs of incremental improvement again.


We are also still working on keeping his still-mysterious allergies at bay, and he has an appointment with a specialist lined up for the springtime. Because all of that isn’t enough, Oliver is also being re-checked for a urinary issue that revealed itself before one of his autumn surgeries, so we’re hoping the little man will be given the all-clear for that soon. He has enough on his plate already!


Ollie is not a fan of the slush and cold weather, preferring to snuggle on the sofa, or better yet, on the big bed, but he has gamely taken on December’s drier and slightly warmer days for longer walks with his foster mum, and he has even decided that wearing the right coat isn’t so bad, after all. Good thing, too, because he is a senior man now, and his little body doesn’t deal well with the lower temperatures. Good decision, little man!


Oliver is headed into 2022 with the best medical care and attention, and he is in a loving foster home that is working hard to help him be his best and healthiest self. This is happening thanks to your care and support of Pugalug Pug Rescue. Oliver, his foster mum, and his super awesome medical team send their thanks and gratitude to you, and wish you a healthy, safe, and wonderful new year.

Pug Abode Update - November 30, 2021

Oliver continues to heal from his three separate Mast Cell Tumour surgeries, and is becoming very adept at the “Rest” part of his recovery. He visited the oncology specialist last week, and she has given him a “wait and see” order, with strict instructions for his foster mama to watch his skin very carefully, and inspect it daily for new bumps or any changes. Alas, the arrival of winter weather has hampered his ability to go for play dates and longer walks, but it’s better that he re-enters normal pug life again slowly, as his third incision still needs a bit more time to heal. In the meantime, he is stylin’ in his soft, wide band martingale collar, custom made by Pugalug supporter Peachy Keen Pets. Pugalug does not recommend keeping brachycephalic dogs such as pugs in a collar which can place a strain on their throats if they strain against the collar. However, Oliver’s incisions lie right across the part of his body where a harness would rub so a collar is a temporary necessity. Oliver is always naked in the house and foster mom is diligent in ensuring that he does not pull on the collar during walkies.


The little man is slowly making his way back to his separation anxiety training, and he is working hard and making very small steps forward every week. He is still tolerating his anxiety medication well, and his allergies have not flared up dramatically recently, so hopefully he will have some peaceful time ahead to just relax and be a homebody pug. (knock on wood)


Ollie is getting ready for Christmas, and he has a suspicious eye on a little red sweater that has recently shown up on his doorstep. Hopefully, he won’t mind wearing it long enough to show it off to everyone, as a little thank you for your continued support of his rescue and healing journey.

Pug Abode Update - November 6, 2021

Hi Everyone, it’s me Ollie-wallie here again. I’ve got good news and bad news and it’s all important. The bad news is that I was just recovering from having those four nasty lumps (one cancerous and three benign) removed and wearing that blankety-blank cone thing, when my foster mom discovered another new lump. Back to see Doctor Vet who discovered it was a second mast cell tumour which had to be removed as soon as possible since it appeared so quickly.
I had the surgery yesterday (November 5) and spent a very clingy night with foster mum. I did manage to get a couple of small meals down since the operation and I have lots of good drugs for the pain. I have to go back for a recheck in a few days. The last little while has really not lived up to my expectations, what with these lumps and some weird allergy stuff going on.  And I’ve got to say that my nerves are pretty much shot.   
The good news is that everyone at Pugalug realizes how much I’ve gone through and how it’s increased my anxiety. They’ve decided that I don’t need any more lifestyle changes and have accepted me into the Pugabode. Sounds nice and cozy, eh?  
It means that I’ll be staying with foster mom and not have to worry about the stress of going to another family. It also means that Pugalug will continue to do their best to sort out all my medical problems. Hopefully, there won’t be any more surprises. So for now, I’m signing out and will let you know how I’m doing from time to time.  And hey, thanks for your support. Without your help, I wouldn’t be getting the help I need. You’re the best!  


Foster Update - October 15, 2021

Hi again - me Oliver Longbody.  Remember that microscopic cytology thing I mentioned last time? Turns out the results weren’t so cool - the dreaded Mast Cell Tumour.  So they whisked me away for surgery and then found out I had four (count ‘em, four!) tumours.


Dr. Vet removed them all and I’m not a happy camper as you can see from my picture. To top things off, now I have to wear this dreaded Cone of Shame to stop me from licking the stitches. Oh well, at least I’ll have a great scar to show off to the ladies.


While I was sleeping, they also did an x-ray of my chest and found I have a condition called "pectus excavatum” which is a fancy name for a deformation of the breastbone and rib cartilage, not uncommon in brachycephalic breeds like me. It causes a narrowing of the chest cavity which can impair breathing and heart function but since my case is not severe and I’ve had it probably since birth, I shouldn’t need surgery to fix it. Thought you might like to see an xray of my handsome but unusual body. See the round yellow circle? My ribcage is supposed to be flat, not curved upwards like this. But hey, who wants to be like everyone else?


And just to make life even more interesting, along with my allergies I have a urinary tract infection so have to be on antibiotics for a while. 


I’m also still not very happy when foster mom is not around and get very anxious waiting for her to come home. Can you blame me when I’ve got all these health problems and she’s making sure they’re taken care of?  I think I’ll be staying put for quite a while. In fact, if I have my way, I’ll stay here furever.

Foster Update - September 29, 2021

Hi Everyone - Oliver here - aka Ollie Man, Olls Wolls, Olivander Longbody, Mr. Wonderful. It’s been a while since you’ve heard about me and I just want to let you know that everything’s cool. I’m keeping busy staying chill and trying to keep my nose clean. I’m also perfecting the art of wrapping my foster mom around my little paw. And speaking of paws, I had another trip to see Doctor Vet a couple of weeks ago for something called “microscopic cytology” supposedly related to my allergies. Here’s a picture of my paw - cute, eh? Anyhoo, I’ll chat more when my awesome foster mom has finished dealing with some other important things in her life. Hey, what can be more important than me? 

Foster Update - August 21, 2021

Not much new to report on Oliver this time. His formal separation anxiety has taken a backseat but he is doing well with spending time with foster mom’s friend while she is busy with demanding family priorities. He has now been completely switched over to a new “allergy food” and, while he is showing signs of minor allergic irritation, the vet advises to continue for a few weeks on this food exclusively, to see if things calm down. If his face flares up too much, he will be put on Apoquel for a week. We had some success and not too much drama introducing him to basic toenail dremeling today. 


Foster Update - July 18, 2021

Oliver continues to work on his separation issues while in care, but the poor boy’s body has decided to throw us a curveball by introducing allergies into his life. He remains a happy and sweet boy as we work with his veterinary care team through the long and careful process of figuring out what his allergies are all about to help him find relief and freedom from the oozies and itchies. 


Foster Update - June 10, 2021

Nothing new or spectacular to report on Oliver, and that kind of boring is great for a little rescue pug!


Oliver is doing well with a consistent and steady routine. We continue to work on his general anxiety and separation anxiety training. He’s had a few little setbacks here and there, but that’s par for the course with these issues, and with patience, love, and consistent, careful work (and medication) we will hopefully continue to help him overcome his issues.


Ollie has discovered the joy that are Benebones, and his toy box and circle of human and doggo friends continues to slowly grow. He either loves a person immediately, or sniffs and walks away, so those who meet with his approval are lucky ducks, indeed.


This little, senior man is charming and sweet, and deserves all of the love and patience the world has to offer.

Update - April 26, 2021

Oliver has been spending some quality one-on-one time with his foster auntie recently, and he is absolutely soaking up being the centre of all of the attention that comes from being an only child. Snoozing and cuddling with his people on the sofa ranks pretty much at the top of Oliver’s “Best Things To Do” list, but he is a multifaceted little man, and he also absolutely loves going on nature trail hiking adventures. He can’t get enough of finding new smells and animal tracks to sniff out, spotting squirrels to chase, and making friends with new doggos.


Ollie is smart and is eager to discover new things. He has been learning and re-learning basic skills, including “stay”, “come”, and “touch”, and he happily and quickly took to exploring some basic backyard agility equipment. He is clearly very thrilled when he learns a new skill, and his foster auntie is working on increasing his human vocabulary, as well as giving him games to help him use and grow his brain. 


As his foster mama noted, Ollie is very much an empath, and he has anxiety quirks that his foster auntie will continue to work to help him resolve while he is with her. With some gentle trial and error, his auntie is figuring out how Ollie prefers to be handled, and he’s becoming much more comfortable being picked up and having his feet touched. He has recently started to take well to wearing a light sweater on colder days, so it’s possible that his days as a serial nudist might be over!

Ollie is a very sweet little gentleman of many moods who really wants nothing more than a predictable, stable environment where he can understand that he is safe and loved in his family and routine, and also be understood for the special little man that he is. 

Update - January 31, 2021

When Oliver entered Pugalug Pug Rescue this past summer, we had no idea he would still be in rescue 5 months later. While the Global Pandemic has complicated the process of finding him his furever home, that doesn’t mean Ollie isn’t enjoying life in foster care!

Oliver has become very fond of the resident pug and surprisingly she’s become quite fond of him too. He no longer hesitates to join her for a snuggle in a dog bed and becomes agitated and concerned when the resident pug is forced to undergo nail trims or a bath; however, he quickly settles down when she is freed from such indignities.

While Ollie still isn’t a fan of having a bath, he doesn’t actively hate them anymore. Bath time has become synonymous with treat time, plenty of scratches and a never-ending supply of sweet nothings and he revels in the one-on-one attention. His bathing requirements are minimal; every 4-6 weeks is the most he requires.

Now that the cold weather has set in for the season, an attempt was made to get Oliver into a nice, warm winter coat. He’s excited when he first slips it on, but that excitement morphs into concern, which leads to a refusal to walk or eliminate. We continue to work on it, but he may be destined to be a nudey for life.

Perhaps the biggest change in Oliver is the progress he’s made with his separation anxiety. Although he’s never thrilled to be left at home, when left to run loose with the resident pug, he will curl up on the chair or in a dog bed and will lazily keep an eye on the door while awaiting his foster mum’s return. Upon her return, Ollie has become more interested in what goodies she may have with her than he is with her – which is a great sign.

The rare moments that Oliver needs to be left for longer periods of time, he will begrudgingly allow himself to be penned into the kitchen with the resident pug but does not hesitate to let his displeasure be known by singing the song of his people. His behaviour doesn’t seem to be rooted in anxiety; it’s more the indignity of being locked up! His singing lasts roughly 30 minutes, after which he will settle into a dog bed and await his foster mum’s return.

It’s worth noting that Ollie is a bit of an empath and, as such, is very sensitive to the moods of his person. If his person is stressed or anxious, an appreciable increase in Oliver’s anxiety can be seen, typically in the form of licking himself as a means of self-soothing. Just one more reason for you to manage your stress!

While it will be hard to part with Oliver when the time comes, it will be worth it to know he’s found the furever home he deserves.

NOTE:  With Ontario still under stay at home orders, adoptions will remain on-hold until public health guidelines are lifted. 

Update - January 3, 2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the province wide lock-down in Ontario, adoptions will be on hold until further notice.  We will post on the website as soon as we are able to re-open for adoption and home visits. 

Update - December 12, 2020

For his many fans out there, Oliver will be ready early in the New Year to accept applications for his furever home. If you are contemplating applying, please take time over the holiday season to consider the information below.  In early January we will post his specific requirements and announce the date when we will begin accepting applications. In the meantime, please do not apply but do have a very happy and safe holiday season.

Oliver is a happy, inquisitive little man who wants nothing more than to be in the company of his person – preferably while they throw his favorite rope toy in an endless game of fetch. While he is physically healthy, it is important for anyone interested in adoption to know that he does have separation anxiety (SA). We’ve made significant progress, but SA cannot be cured overnight. It requires a multifaceted approach which includes medication, behavior modification and positive reinforcement. 

Fortunately, Oliver’s SA does not cause him to become destructive. Through the magic of a digital camera, his behavior in the absence of his foster person has been monitored to determine exactly what he gets up to when left alone! His anxiety is limited to vocalizations (barking, whining, squeaking, etc.) and pacing. Having another dog with him does seem to ease his worries, as his anxiety is noticeably worse when he is alone. For this reason, Oliver is best suited to a home with another dog.

It is important to note that Oliver’s SA may temporarily worsen as he transitions from his foster home to his forever home. Some SA dogs will experience an increase in anxiety immediately upon rehoming, while others may not exhibit signs for a few weeks, until they have settled in. 

Please don’t let his SA cause you to overlook Oliver! Oliver is a gorgeous little work in progress who, in time, will thrive in his forever home with a family that is dedicated to continuing to work on his behavior. 

Update - October 26, 2020

Oliver is an active, inquisitive little man who has never encountered a Kleenex he didn’t want to shred, nor a rope toy that didn’t beg to be fetched. He’s continued to develop a relationship with the resident pug and his charms appear to be working. They can now be found snuggling on the coveted ‘favorite’ bed while their human works.

Oliver loves a good hike! He happily walks alongside his person, easily walking 5-8kms multiple times a week but beware; he has a high prey drive. Oliver will chase after every bird or squirrel he encounters making a leash a necessity even when hiking.

Oliver had his dental cleaning last week and had 18 teeth removed. A dental abscess was well underway, so the dental couldn’t have happened at a better time. Although he was uncomfortable the evening following surgery, it didn’t slow him down for long. Three days after his dental, you’d hardly know anything happened. He’s back to his usual peppy self!


He will continue with softened food for another week after which it will be business as usual.
One thing that has become clear over the last few weeks is that Oliver has developed separation anxiety. It’s hard to say when it started exactly but moving from his first home to his foster home seems to have been the tipping point. This is something his foster person is actively working to resolve, but behavioral problems require patience and diligence to resolve. He recently started medication to help with this condition, and there are some early signs that it is helping, however it will be another month before we know with any degree of certainty.

Fortunately, Oliver’s separation anxiety does not cause him to be destructive. His anxiety is manifested through some restlessness accompanied with whining, crying and howling. Although he is crate trained, he seems to do better when left outside of his crate rather than kenneled when left alone. He appears to find a degree of comfort in the presence of the resident pug, so he may be more suited to a home with another dog after all.

We will continue to work towards resolving Oliver’s separation anxiety but in the meantime keep checking back for updates!


Introduction - August 3, 2020

This is Oliver – an 8-year-old, male neutered pug who was surrendered to Pugalug Pug Rescue due to an unforeseen change in his family’s circumstances.  Oliver has been in Pugalug foster care for just over a week now, and I’m happy to report he’s settled in quickly.  He’s a big boy; his weight is ideal at 24 lbs!  He has a long, lean body with lanky legs and gorgeous brown eyes.

Oliver quickly acquainted himself with the resident pug and cat and helped himself to the toy bin and stash of Nylabones.  He’s very affectionate and, as is typical of most pugs, loves to be the centre of attention.  He’s quick to remind you when it’s dinner time and doesn’t hesitate to let you know when he needs to go outside.

Oliver is crate trained.  Although he happily kennels up at night, he vocalizes his displeasure with being crated when left alone, whether it’s for 5 minutes or an hour.  I left him to roam freely with the resident pug while I stepped out for 20 minutes and he was quiet as a church mouse and the building was still standing upon my return.  All positive signs.

He has a history of being very fearful of nail trims which appears to cause a little anxiety when visiting veterinary clinics. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately?!), Oliver’s foster person works at a vet clinic and he spends the day there with her during the week.  Although he was clearly anxious and nervous at first, I’m happy to report he’s becoming more comfortable as each day passes.  I wouldn’t say he loves it – but we may get there yet!


Oliver will be having a physical exam, blood work, fecal testing and rabies vaccine soon.  Keep your eyes open for another update on this little gem!!

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