Update - January 3, 2021

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the province wide lock-down in Ontario, adoptions will be on hold until further notice.  We will post on the website as soon as we are able to re-open for adoption and home visits. 

Update - December 12, 2020

For his many fans out there, Oliver will be ready early in the New Year to accept applications for his furever home. If you are contemplating applying, please take time over the holiday season to consider the information below.  In early January we will post his specific requirements and announce the date when we will begin accepting applications. In the meantime, please do not apply but do have a very happy and safe holiday season.

Oliver is a happy, inquisitive little man who wants nothing more than to be in the company of his person – preferably while they throw his favorite rope toy in an endless game of fetch. While he is physically healthy, it is important for anyone interested in adoption to know that he does have separation anxiety (SA). We’ve made significant progress, but SA cannot be cured overnight. It requires a multifaceted approach which includes medication, behavior modification and positive reinforcement. 

Fortunately, Oliver’s SA does not cause him to become destructive. Through the magic of a digital camera, his behavior in the absence of his foster person has been monitored to determine exactly what he gets up to when left alone! His anxiety is limited to vocalizations (barking, whining, squeaking, etc.) and pacing. Having another dog with him does seem to ease his worries, as his anxiety is noticeably worse when he is alone. For this reason, Oliver is best suited to a home with another dog.

It is important to note that Oliver’s SA may temporarily worsen as he transitions from his foster home to his forever home. Some SA dogs will experience an increase in anxiety immediately upon rehoming, while others may not exhibit signs for a few weeks, until they have settled in. 

Please don’t let his SA cause you to overlook Oliver! Oliver is a gorgeous little work in progress who, in time, will thrive in his forever home with a family that is dedicated to continuing to work on his behavior. 

Update - October 26, 2020

Oliver is an active, inquisitive little man who has never encountered a Kleenex he didn’t want to shred, nor a rope toy that didn’t beg to be fetched. He’s continued to develop a relationship with the resident pug and his charms appear to be working. They can now be found snuggling on the coveted ‘favorite’ bed while their human works.

Oliver loves a good hike! He happily walks alongside his person, easily walking 5-8kms multiple times a week but beware; he has a high prey drive. Oliver will chase after every bird or squirrel he encounters making a leash a necessity even when hiking.

Oliver had his dental cleaning last week and had 18 teeth removed. A dental abscess was well underway, so the dental couldn’t have happened at a better time. Although he was uncomfortable the evening following surgery, it didn’t slow him down for long. Three days after his dental, you’d hardly know anything happened. He’s back to his usual peppy self!


He will continue with softened food for another week after which it will be business as usual.
One thing that has become clear over the last few weeks is that Oliver has developed separation anxiety. It’s hard to say when it started exactly but moving from his first home to his foster home seems to have been the tipping point. This is something his foster person is actively working to resolve, but behavioral problems require patience and diligence to resolve. He recently started medication to help with this condition, and there are some early signs that it is helping, however it will be another month before we know with any degree of certainty.

Fortunately, Oliver’s separation anxiety does not cause him to be destructive. His anxiety is manifested through some restlessness accompanied with whining, crying and howling. Although he is crate trained, he seems to do better when left outside of his crate rather than kenneled when left alone. He appears to find a degree of comfort in the presence of the resident pug, so he may be more suited to a home with another dog after all.

We will continue to work towards resolving Oliver’s separation anxiety but in the meantime keep checking back for updates!


Introduction - August 3, 2020

This is Oliver – an 8-year-old, male neutered pug who was surrendered to Pugalug Pug Rescue due to an unforeseen change in his family’s circumstances.  Oliver has been in Pugalug foster care for just over a week now, and I’m happy to report he’s settled in quickly.  He’s a big boy; his weight is ideal at 24 lbs!  He has a long, lean body with lanky legs and gorgeous brown eyes.

Oliver quickly acquainted himself with the resident pug and cat and helped himself to the toy bin and stash of Nylabones.  He’s very affectionate and, as is typical of most pugs, loves to be the centre of attention.  He’s quick to remind you when it’s dinner time and doesn’t hesitate to let you know when he needs to go outside.

Oliver is crate trained.  Although he happily kennels up at night, he vocalizes his displeasure with being crated when left alone, whether it’s for 5 minutes or an hour.  I left him to roam freely with the resident pug while I stepped out for 20 minutes and he was quiet as a church mouse and the building was still standing upon my return.  All positive signs.

He has a history of being very fearful of nail trims which appears to cause a little anxiety when visiting veterinary clinics. Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately?!), Oliver’s foster person works at a vet clinic and he spends the day there with her during the week.  Although he was clearly anxious and nervous at first, I’m happy to report he’s becoming more comfortable as each day passes.  I wouldn’t say he loves it – but we may get there yet!


Oliver will be having a physical exam, blood work, fecal testing and rabies vaccine soon.  Keep your eyes open for another update on this little gem!!

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