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NOTE: Only submit applications for dogs that are tagged as "Ready to Adopt"


If you are interested in adopting a dog, please watch their page and check our Facebook and Instagram.  A few days before a dog goes up for adoption, we will post their adoption requirements along with the date and time that their online application form will go live.


Please review the adoption requirements. Each dog has their own specific requirements. Please take the time to think about whether your family is a good match for this dog. If you cannot provide both the basic requirements and specific requirements, please do not apply.

Once the application link appears, we will start reviewing applications in one week or when we reach a maximum of 30 applications. If we get 30 applications, we will close the application link. Many dogs do not get that many applications, but the younger, healthy dogs are generally more popular and can receive 30 applications in a couple of hours. Check each dog's bio to see if any are still available and receiving applications. 


  • We only adopt within Ontario.

  • You MUST have or be willing to get some form of air conditioning for your home. There must be some place in the home that is air conditioned for the health of the pug.

  • If you have a pool or pond or other water feature, it must be fenced off so that the dog cannot get into in. Pugs drown rapidly, most are poor swimmers and are not always terribly water smart.

  • We do not allow our dogs to be tied out or staked out in the yard. Tie outs and staking can result in serious injury and death to a dog.

  • Invisible fences and other collar activated training devices are not acceptable.

  • Pugs are one of the most commonly stolen breeds of dog. We require that you always supervise your pug when they are out of the house.

  • Pugs are not outdoor dogs and cannot survive living in a doghouse or other outbuilding - including the garage. We require that our dogs live within the house with the family.

  • If you reside in a house, we much prefer that you have a fully fenced backyard. This is not a requirement for adoption, but is certainly the better option. If your yard is not fully fenced, the dog must be on leash at all times when outside of the house.

  • If you live in an apartment or condo, your must provide proof that the landlord or management allows you to have a dog.

  • If you are gone from the home for longer than 8 hours, you will likely need to make arrangements for someone to come home to let the dog(s) out. Pugs are a small breed and should not be expected to hold their bladders or bowels for longer than 8 hours. Some can do it, but most can't and shouldn't be expected to.

  • Pugs are notorious for food allergies. The rescue will require that you feed a high quality food that is, at minimum, wheat, corn and soy free.

  • If you currently have animals in the house (cats and/or dogs) they must be spayed or neutered unless there is a verifiable medical reason why they are not or cannot be.

  • Please be sure to check your local by-laws regarding the total number of pets you can legally have in your home and only apply if you are below that limit.



These are assessed and assigned on a per animal basis, but in general here are the adoption fee breakdowns we use.

Under 1 year:  $550 - $750
1 - 5 years of age:  $400
6 - 9 years of age:  $300
10+ and/or Special Needs:  $200




We use different statuses to identify where in the process any dog on the site is at. They are as follows.

Ready to Adopt:  A dog in this status is ready to have applications submitted for adoption. You may submit an application form via the link on the dog's page (providing you meet the requirements).


Adoption Pending or Home Visit Scheduled:  A dog in this status is passed the application process and is currently scheduled for a home visit or is waiting for the adoption to be completed. The application process is closed at this point. Please do not submit applications for dogs with this status, they will be ignored and deleted.

In Foster Care -- Introduction / Foster Update: These pugs are currently still in foster care. We do not accept applications for dogs while they are in this status.

Adopted / Happy Tails Posted:  After a successful adoption the dog is labelled as adopted and they are listed in the Happy Tails section of the website. They may also be shown as "Happy Tails Posted" when their furever home sends along an update for them post adoption.

The Pug Abode: Our hospice program for pugs that are most likely un-adoptable. A foster volunteer provides the care, love and nurturing until the pug is either adopted or sails on to the Rainbow Bridge.


If you have questions or comments about our adoption policies please contact us.


Please note: the rescue reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to deny any application for a dog in its care. Approvals for adoption are based on the totality of a number of factors including but not limited to: the application; interviews both in person, over the telephone, and/or, via email and/or text; references; the home visit or visits; and any inquiries related to the application.

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