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Click on each dog's photo to learn more about them! 
All of our dogs are currently in foster care or are living out the rest of their days in "the pug abode" in permanent foster care. 
When a dog is ready for adoption, it will be noted under their name and an adoption application will be available.  PLEASE DO NOT INQUIRE ABOUT THE AVAILABILITY OF A DOG LISTED AS "IN FOSTER CARE".   Keep an eye on our social media for announcements when dogs are ready for adoption, at which time, ALL applications will be reviewed and assessed for suitability for the individual dogs needs and requirements.

Dogs listed as "In the Pug Abode" are pugs that will be in Pugalug's care indefinitely due to chronic health issues.  Your generous support of Pugalug ensures that these dogs, who are often elderly, live out their lives in a loving home that cares for their very specific medical requirements.

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