The rescue has opened back up for adoptions.  NOT ALL DOGS ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.  Many dogs in foster care are still completing their vetting.  When a dog is available for adoption, they will be posted on our social media, and an adoption application will be available on their webpage. 


All home visits will require the family to fill out a health questionnaire, and everyone in the family will be required to wear a mask during the home visit.   Social distancing will be maintained to whatever degree that is possible in a home visit environment. The rescue reserves the right to refuse a home visit if these measures are not adhered to. The rescue has face masks that they can provide to volunteers and potential adopters who have a home visit scheduled.

Foster Update - August 3, 2020

At the end of June, Greta went in for her dental surgery. Everything went well. Between the teeth that were already missing and the ones that were extracted, she has 4 teeth left. When she wakes up in the morning and gives me that big, toothless grin, I know she is feeling better and is much happier now. However, it has slowed down her eating. The kibble is softened with a little water or broth that she eats with gusto. 


Then, at the end of July, she went in for her spay surgery. The staff at Downtown Animal Hospital took extra good care of her. She charmed everyone as she was more comfortable with her surroundings this time around. They did find white blood cells in her urine so she is on antibiotics. We will have the urinalysis report this week to determine how long she needs to be on them. 


She will go back in 2 weeks to have the stitches checked. We will  wait another few weeks for her body to recuperate and then she will get the last of her vaccinations. 


Greta's house training hit a High Five this past month. In addition to going on her regular schedule, she has learned to use the pee pad in case of emergencies. I put the pee pad down in the area where there was a dog bed. Immediately everyone had to lay down on it to test it out. I only had to show Greta a couple of times how to use it and the smart cookie picked it up right away. 


She still likes to rest her chin on me when she is sleeping. A couple of times she has snuggled up to Raisin and rests her chin on Raisin. 


Greta still keeps a little distant when we are near other people. She is content to greet and sniff the other dogs. There are a couple of people who are helping her to adjust by offering her a treat when they see her. 


She still loves her walks and does a little dance when I get the leash. Then she does a fast, bunny hop down the hall, stops to let me catch up, then off again. She is vigilant about guarding the place and reacts when she hears a noise outside the door. Sometimes it's a little warning gruff, or a loud, get away from the door, bark. But she quiets down when I tell her it is okay and to go back to sleep. 

Foster Update - June 27, 2020

Greta is getting her dental surgery on Tuesday, June 30th so please send some good thoughts her way. She started licking the air again so this surgery will go a long way to making her comfortable.  Her spay surgery is scheduled for the end of July.


She is still wary of getting close to people but is less anxious when in a group. She will get close to another person when she goes over to greet the person’s dog. She is comfortable with sitting beside me until it is time to go walking again.


Ever since she learned from Eve to roll in the grass, she does it every day, even if it is just a little piece of grass. One time she was rolling and when she looked up, both her ears were bent back – had to take a photo of her with Raisin.


Greta took part in Pugalug’s Pugathon. For a week I took her to different parks in Toronto with the bike and backpack. She loves to explore and we averaged about 2 km each walk. She is very easy to walk, staying by my side, stopping every now and then to sniff something interesting.  She gets very excited now when I pick up the harness and leash. When we go out the door, she runs down the hallway, stops, then runs back to me with a big grin on her face. Then she runs back down and back to me again. She really appreciates the freedom she now has and expresses that in a joyful little romp.


She does bark at sounds she hears in the hallway. I’ve been on a couple of online meetings where she suddenly starts her barking. I tried once to put her in the bedroom with the door shut but she was not having that. I usually just begin to scratch her under the chin. She quiets down and does this quiet growly sound. It tells me she is relaxing. Sounds like she is grunting so I’ve nicknamed her Grunter Greta.

Foster Update - May 18, 2020

My sweet little magnolia flower has certainly blossomed this past month. She has learned to say the word "breakfast" and shouts it with gusto accompanied by a bouncy dance around the kitchen. She has put on some weight with her new found appetite. 

We had taken care of the ear infection when I noticed she was starting to regularly lick the air. In addition she was scratching under her jaw. Off to the vet to get antibiotics for an infection in her mouth. After a week she was no longer licking the air. Now that our vet clinic is getting ready to start surgeries, we are on the list to get her dental done. 

And once we cleaned up the mouth, I noticed she started licking her paw on the weekend. On the Monday, I placed her down on the floor and there was bleeding from her paw. Back to the vet where we discovered an interdigital cyst. This is common with dogs who have spent their life in a wire crate. Her paw was cleaned of the bacterial infection and she is on more antibiotics. 

She will be next getting her rabies vaccination and then we schedule the dental surgery after that. 
Despite all these infections, Greta maintains the happiest demeanor. She was watching the resident pug playing with a squeaky toy. A couple of days later Greta picked up the toy on her own and started to chew it and toss it around. Probably her first time playing with a toy.

On the sunny Sunday, we went to the park, found a place on the grass to sit in the sun. The resident pugs started rolling on their backs in the grass. Greta watched for a while then, to my amazement, she went on her back and tried the rolling thing. Again, it was most likely the first time every getting to do this and she loved it. 

She now lets me know when she wants to go out. We have been pee pad training when she needs to go and I can't get ready in time.  

And finally we went to Barnaby Bug's 15th birthday. I've known BB since he was a pup. It was outside in the back of their building. Greta and BB were soon exchanging sniffs and kisses. Both were gentle and easy going with each other. Greta did avoid the humans, which I expected, but glad to see she enjoyed Barnaby's company.


Foster Update - April 15, 2020

Greta is slowly becoming more comfortable with her surroundings. She is still fearful of new or unknown people, sights, sounds. Fortunately, the home and roads outside are very quiet so it is getting much easier for her to adjust to her new life. For example, she was hanging out in the kitchen, sitting quietly while I prepared breakfast. I started to grind some coffee beans and she bolted out and went to her corner in the living room. A few hugs and treats and she was fine.


Another event was her first bath. I'd waited a couple of weeks to get her comfortable. I put her into a couple of inches of warm water and she immediately tried to jump out. She didn't know what the feeling on her paws was. She stood on her hind legs and hugged my neck until I calmed her down. After the bath she was doing zoomies around the room just like the resident pugs. 


She does shy away from people. In normal times she would have met lots of people in the dog park and become comfortable with the social aspect. But she is not meeting people as we keep our distance. I do have a neighbour that has been spending a little time with her and Greta is now happy to see her in the hallway. 

Perhaps the happiest time of day for Greta is bedtime. I put her in the big bed and she waits at the edge for me to get ready. Once we are in the bed, she prances around with a big, ear to ear, grin. I think it's because she knows she will be sleeping on a comfy surface rather than on a wire cage. Once she has finished prancing, she snuggles up as close to me as she can get and begins her little snores. 

The yeast infection in her ear has cleared up. We continue to work on her house training. I'm also working with her on the stair steps. She is able to walk down 3 steps. Again, it is something she is not used to so has to be trained on how to use them. Thankfully we have lots of time on our hands (and paws). 

Introduction - March 23, 2020

We’d like you to meet Greta!  She has recently entered her foster home with Pugalug. Here is a bit about her, courtesy of her foster home:


“Greta is a sweet little pug girl who is adjusting to her new foster home. She is approximately 8 years old. She was used for breeding. We don't know much about health background so she is getting a complete vet checkup. She weighs in at a whopping 6.8 Kg. Her initial vet visit went well and she remained easy going during the physical exam and the drawing of blood.


She does have the "webbed" paws from standing on a wire mesh cage. The pads on her paws are very sensitive. I took her out for a walk on the second day. We did not go far but the pad must have scrapped on the sidewalk as it was bleeding when we got home. She now goes either on the grass or in the carry bag to go to the park. And she has booties to wear.  She likes other dogs and enjoys greeting them. And she has found her place with the resident pugs. No issues. 

There was a concern she might have had heart worm but the blood tests came back negative. Her overall wellness blood check was good. She does have some hip dysplasia that you can see in her gait. She also has blackened belly skin from having limited mobility in her life. The ears also have hyperpigmentation. Her teeth and gums are in very bad shape. She will most likely lose a lot of teeth during the dental. She will also need to be spayed. So a few vet visits to get her healthy again. Donations to help little Greta along the way would be appreciated.


She was confused and anxious the first day. She would run away from me, into another room or cower low to the floor. She would sleep standing up, which I guess was her pattern before. Now, however, her little bum and tail wag constantly when I'm around. She sleeps in the big bed and you can tell just how happy she is with that arrangement. She wiggles across like a little glow worm (her nickname) and puts her face right into mine. Of course her breath means I can't keep her there for long but she just wants to touch and be reassured it's not a dream. 


She sleeps near me when I'm working at the desk or in the kitchen. She does cry for awhile when I leave the apartment but we are working on her separation anxiety. We are also working on her house training. She goes outside right away in the morning and whenever I take her out to the backyard. There have been a couple of accidents but for the most part she has got the idea. In just a week she as changed from a confused and afraid little pug to a sociable, happy one.”

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