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Hello from Henree! It has been three weeks since Henree joined our little family and it has been pure joy to see him figure out that this might be an okay place to hang his hat. From the very first night, he has slept in the big bed; usually in the middle, crossways. Many nights Gordie (the cat) joins us and they have begun to forge a good friendship. The last couple of days they have a game of tag in the mornings with yipping and meowing involved. 


Henree has been to as many places as he can be allowed in the three weeks. He is not too keen on riding in the car, but we are working on making it as positive as we can. His first time in a pet store, he almost lost his mind! Now he walks in and sits when asked, and does a trick or two to impress the folks. He has even been to meet my Dr.! 


We have settled into a nice routine where we walk, play games, do some training and have outings. He still is unhappy to be left alone and cries and barks. We are going to work with a wonderful person, Joan Weston, to help us with behavioural issues and we are hopeful that she can give us strategies to help him be more comfortable. I have also signed him up for daycare every so often to allow me to get out for longer periods and to allow him to socialize with other dogs his size. This past week, Henree began obedience classes and it was a mind blowing experience for him! He was so excited, he just couldn’t stand it! Finally his brain recircuited and he realized he knew this stuff! 


Henree has been such a wonderful addition to our lives and we cannot be more grateful to have been chosen to be his mama and furline brother. Thank you so much for giving me this gift. We will keep you posted on our adventures and progress!

Pugalug Rescue #360 - Henree

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