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Medical Issues: No ongoing medical concerns. She had an allergic reaction to Simparico Trio
and it should not be used in the future. She also needs her anal glands expressed regularly.

Special Diet Needs: Currently eating Big Country Raw Complete Chicken Dinner and should
remain on this diet to keep her weight manageable.

Behavior Issues: The only behavior issue we are working on is resource guarding her people
and how to greet other dogs appropriately.

Good With Kids: Yes, ages 8+

Good With Dogs: Does well with "low key" or those with good dog manners. Will need continued training with how to greet other dogs appropriately due to her resource guarding her people.

Good With Cats: Yes, she loves dog-friendly cats

Housing: She would do well in any type of dwelling. If there is a yard, it must be fenced.

Crated: No, but with proper training could easily be crated.

Time Dog is Alone: Currently, 2-3 hours, but could do up to 6 hours

House Trained: Yes

Sleep with Humans: Currently sleeps with humans, but could be crate trained, if necessary.
Lucy has no medical concerns at the moment and is not on any medications. She has been
thriving since switching to a raw food diet and is now at a healthy weight. It is best that she
continue on her current food or a similar raw food diet.

Lucy loves all kids and does well around them. However, she doesn’t seem to like being picked
up in general and will frantically try to wiggle free. Thus, any children in the home must be aged
8 or above for everyone's safety.

Lucy does well with most dogs, but she does resource guard her humans when a dog
approaches them. We have been working on this behaviour with Lucy and it will need continued
work by her adopters. She can easily be corrected and will carry on playing, walking, greeting or
whatever she was doing before that, but she may need a couple of reminders. Lucy currently
lives with a cat and loves them. She mostly keeps her distance while being interested and
occasionally will start to softly play with him. The only concern here is when you pick up the cat,
she does try to “save the cat” by jumping and barking. She listens to voice commands well and

will stop as soon as you ask her to sit. Given her love of feline friends, any cat siblings need to
be dog-friendly. Lucy would also do well in a home where she is the only dog.

Lucy would do well in any dwelling as long as she has daily exercise. If there is a yard, it will
need a fence. She walks very well on leash and her recall is excellent.

Lucy sleeps in bed with us, but she sleeps at the end of the bed and is a quiet sleeper.
Currently, she is left to roam freely when left alone. She is respectful and does not get into
anything. She isn’t home alone for long periods of time, but when she has been, she does very
well. Typically, she just sleeps and waits for us to return. If necessary, I expect that Lucy could
be alone for up to 6 hours without concern. She has never had an accident in our house and
asks to go to the bathroom when she needs to go by sitting by the door and waiting. Lucy has
never been crated, but if trained properly, she could be.

Overall, Lucy is a very happy, easy going girl that loves to be with her people. She enjoys walks
and car rides and does both amazingly well. She has been a joy to have.


Lucy has completely come out of her shell and is now letting everyone see her fun side! She’s an energetic girl that loves exploring everything with us. She has been enjoying camping, baseball games, and laying by the pool. She can swim, but most of the time chooses not to, she seems to be more of a patio lounger. She’s amazing when left alone in the house, and is super respectful of everything. She loves being with people, but also takes some alone time to just relax with a stuffy.

Lucy has cleared up her staph infection, and is a healthy girl.



Lucy has settled in nicely to her foster home routine. She has really started to come out of her pug shell! She is an energetic pug, who loves exploring the outdoors and playing tug-o-war with her stuffies. She gets excited for walks, and is an amazing walker on leash!

Lucy has also been to the vet and had lots of tests. Her bloodwork came back fine but her titre test showed up negative for distemper and parvovirus so a DHPP booster shot is in her near future. Her fecal test was clear but her urinalysis came back with the diagnosis of a staph infection. She has now started medication to get this cleared up.

She is enamoured by the resident cat and the two love playing with each other.

She’s doing great over all and is a wonderful foster pug!



Just a short update for Lucy. She was previously eating her two meals at 12pm and 5pm. We have been able to move her breakfast meal to 11am now, so progressing well! She’s one of the most well behaved pups. She greets people at the door with a tail wag, but never barks and doesn’t jump on people. She has become best friends with our cat, and our son. She seems to love just being around people as pugs do. She loves snooping around the backyard, and listens very well to voice commands. We had our first introduction to another dog, and she was amazing with it. Once they did the initial greet, she became playful and they ran around together having fun. As of right now, we have no concerns about her and I haven’t a negative thing to say! She’s great!


Meet lovely Lucy, a 7 year old spayed fawn pug who came into rescue on June 24 because her octagenarian owner had to move into assisted living. She is super friendly around all adults and laps up any attention. She looks to be in great shape but will be going to the vet for her check-up in a few days. We look forward to getting to know her better in the coming weeks.

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