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HAPPY TAIL - MAY 21, 2024

For me it was love at first sight, which happens to me with all pugs. For my family though, it was not love at first sight. Prince was a very challenging boy when he first came to live with us. He really did not have much training or manners and of course there was the complete lack of house training. Because of this, my family found it hard to bond with him in the beginning, I was constantly monitoring him or working on training. When he was not able to be monitored he had to be crated. Happily he is now able to be on the same pee schedule as the other dogs in the house and has even been left out loose in the house for short periods when we are not home. But the first time he met my husband he hopped up on the bed beside him and almost peed right on him. So to say he was not their fast favourite was an understatement. But as time passed and all of the training started to pay off they were able to see his personality shining through and what a personality it is!

He was finally able to be a part of the family once the house training was successful and they were able to spend time with him without me hovering. My 8 year old daughter and Prince bonded first. She kept asking when he could sleep in her bed with her and finally after several months the answer was yes! Prince has been snuggled up in bed with her every night since. They usually play with his toys in bed until they are both ready for sleep. In the morning they have a love session as soon as she wakes up and I can find them cuddled up, Prince on his back, spread out like a frog getting belly rubs and snuggles.

My husband started picking Prince up as soon as he came home from work and walking around the house showing him all the "high places" he can't see on his own and regularly asking him if he wants to go outside for a brushing. When he gets home from work, Prince rushes to him and starts "singing" his pug song.

When I mentioned that Prince had his yearly vet check up and health screening and then he would more than likely be ready for adoption I was met with, "he can't leave he belongs with us!".  So I was not completely surprised when both of them came to me and asked if we could adopt Prince. They had a little list of why they thought we should keep him: "He gets along and plays with all the other animals in the house", "He's such a good, smooshy boy", "He just fits in with our family so perfectly" were just a few on the list. Of course I agreed with everything they said and we feel incredibly blessed to be able to add him to our family.

When we told Prince he was staying with us forever, he started jumping around, spinning and doing his pug "Roo, Roo" singing noises. I know he was just responding to our excitement, but it did really seem like he understood and was so happy to finally have a forever home.

He spends his days with us enjoying life, going for a long walk in the morning, playing with our dogs and his toys throughout the day, and then another shorter walk in the evening. He loves all the farm animals as well and has such an incredible love for life! Everywhere he goes he just lights up the room!

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