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Prince has been here about 2 and 1/2 weeks. He’s a sweet, very active boy who loves all people and seems overjoyed to have other dogs to play with. However, he arrived un-neutered and the resident lady dogs have found he loves them way too much. They have found him super annoying with the humping and obsession with their lady bits.

The good news is that Prince was neutered yesterday and is recovering well. So we’ll see how that changes the dynamics in the house. He had other wellness tests done at the vets including ones to make sure he doesn’t have any urinary tract or related infections. No results yet.

We are working on changing a few of his less desirable behaviours. Prince’s potty training has been progressing slowly but we’re seeing much longer streams outside (when he arrived, he would only do dozens of tiny little squirts of urine inside and out). He’s also making fewer attempts at marking in the house. Both OF these things are really positive.

Prince hates getting his nails cut and found our vet visits terrifying. What a heartbreaker, that was. He’ll need desensitizing to both with lots of positive experiences. Unfortunately, we’re not close to the vet clinic so we can’t do lots of practice visits with plenty of treats and no exams.

The first couple of days Prince was here, there were two occurrences of food guarding with another dog. No guarding has occurred since but I’m not sure if it’s due to good management or if he just needed time to get used to having the other dogs around. It’s something I’ll be monitoring. He’s fabulous with sharing toys, beds, and his personal space. And he shows zero signs of guarding with humans. We’ve started to work on a “leave it,” as well.

Prince took to crate training instantly and happily runs into his crate for bedtime. He gets a peanut butter lick mat to help him settle in for sleep. However, he would be very happy to share the human’s bed (the resident old lady dogs said no way, no how)! Truly, it was the easiest crate training experience I’ve ever had.

Prince is a wonderful snuggler. In true pug fashion, he likes to be touching at all times. And he seems very happy to be cuddled like a baby. Prince also loves going for walks on-leash and is a mere blur of joy when playing off-leash. He has so many fabulous qualities.



Meet Prince, an 18 month old brindle pug who came into foster care today through no fault of his own. He is an energetic young man who loves everyone he meets. He needs to learn about appropriate pottying and he will need to be neutered and brought up to date on his vaccinations. We look forward to learning and sharing more about this young fellow as he settles in to his foster home.

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