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Happy fall!  Emi is doing quite fantastic! She is still changing and getting spunkier by the day!


Her love for food has also intensified and she is loving her snuffle mats to keep her from eating too fast.


Emi is quite athletic and can outrun me (I am a regular runner fyi) very quickly when we are out with her 20 foot long leash! My kids love to try into outrun her while I call her name from the other side of the park. 


She is quite smart and a couple months ago led me on our walk to my parents house 3 blocks away, driveway and all. She had only walked there a handful of times at that point. I couldn't believe it!


Emi has done really well socializing. She has been to new places with us with other new people and pets. She is gaining confidence every day!


We love her so much!! Thank you again!

UPDATE - APRIL 18, 2022

Emmie is a such a sweet girl who easily fits in as a family member, we love her so much already. As soon as we entered our home on Saturday, she was very curious. We were all in two rooms just petting and showing her the access to outside but she really wanted to check out the rest of the main floor. We let her get the ‘lay of the land’ as it seemed very important to her. She immediately recognized when she did a loop that she had already seen the one room and turned around to check out spaces she hadn’t seen yet!  She is very smart. She has only had one accident thus far and even initiated going outside to pee by heading to the back door once!
Emmie has had both of her sleeps in her bed beside my and my husband's bed. She snores just a bit louder than my husband. Lol. She did not eat a lot her first day with us but she would take a couple of healthy treats. She ate more yesterday for both meals, had some treats and a few pieces of chicken. This morning she ate her full meal!
We have already gone for two short walks on the path behind our house, during the early morning when it is quiet, with less people and less dogs. She did great but is very watchful and alert when she sees another dog; even from afar, she seems a little nervous and we will continue these quiet walks with fewer stimuli for now.
As was promised, she loves to play fetch and we have played a lot inside and out! She has not paid much attention to her other toys yet. My kids are loving the new routine of Emmie coming their beds to give goodnight kisses.
I am still getting accustomed to giving the eye drops. My most successful trial was having my eldest daughter bring down a piece of chicken from above while I administered one drop in her eye. I am trying to make it as positive an experience as possible with everything else going on for her. Holy smokes she loved that chicken!
She has couch naps with us and likes to sit right beside me in the kitchen at my feet while I make dinner or clean up. I love that! When she get her love and cuddles, she sneaks a bit closer and puts her paws up on you with her face closer to yours, telling us she wants more! She is such a doll. 
Today I am at work for the first time and my kids have gone to the grandparents for lunch. Emmie had a walk this morn, playtime with my kids and now the plan is for Emmie to be ready for a nap in her bed in my husband's office downstairs! We will see how this goes. 
Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family. 

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