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Pugalug Rescue #362  - Greta

When Greta first came to me, she had no name. I gave her a name. A strong name. She had spent most of her adult life in a cage with little human contact. On the first day, she ran from me and hid in the bedroom.  I gave her space, comfort and treats. Over the last 5 months I've seen her blossom from that scared little pug to feeling confident in her surroundings.  I will always treasure the memory of:

  • The first time she squealed with delight when I picked up her leash knowing she was going out for a walk. 

  • The first time she rolled on her back in the grass, ending with a smile.

  • The first time she shouted "Breakfast" at me. 

  • And, just this week, the first time she took a treat from another person's hand.


I have created a place where she feels safe and the best thing for Greta is to stay in that place. We will continue to work on her integration with other people. But when she rests her little head on my thigh, I know this is the best home for her. 

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