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Bogart had his dental and lump removal this past Monday and came through like a champ. He had three loose teeth removed from the upper left side and a cleaning. The lump turned out to be a sebaceous cyst, so it did not have to be sent out for histopathology. He was back home by 3pm the same day and despite being a little groggy, he was his happy tail-wagging self. By the next morning it was pretty much business as usual, although he is eating softened kibble for a week with a dose of metacam. His abdominal stitches will come out in a week. He is somewhat confused by the disappearance of his stuffy toys and tug toys (until his mouth has healed) but is taking it all in stride.

He continues to be a delightful little man enjoying his twice daily walks in the neighbourhood with unlimited stops to sniff all the areas, meet new people and dogs. He is not a fan of larger Husky/Shepherd type dogs but only barks when he sees them and can easily be distracted. He sleeps through the night on the big bed and will settle himself by 10pm and sleep late if possible. He likes to be out in the yard with us to watch the activity in the area and supervise our movements and projects outdoors. He has been solid with his house training, but does not ask to go out. We take him out regularly (every four hours) and he definitely has the ‘pug’ aversion to rain/snow or any weather event so will try to 'fake out' with a leg lift. He loves car rides and is somewhat excited for the first few minutes in the car but then settles nicely. He will alert bark to ‘odd' noises but never at night and more often from a sound from a tv program.  


Bogart is such a good boy! 


What a terrific guy!! Bogart has settled into our home extremely well. He has had a couple of playdates with another pug and has met numerous dogs on leash during his walks. He gets along amazingly well with them and behaves so appropriately. He loves being out and about in the world and loves everyone he meets. He is confident and relaxed in new environments and his housetraining has been rock solid.

He had his first vet appointment and his blood work tells us he is a healthy fellow. His weight is good. It does not seem that his hips or knees are a concern, but being long-bodied he shouldn’t be doing a lot of jumping. He is energetic and walks at a good pace but is not overly ‘busy’. His dental will be done in 3 weeks time and he will have a small abdominal lump removed.

Just an amazing guy all round!!


Bogart has had a great first week. He is a friendly, gentle and smart boy.

He is ready to go to the Big Bed around 10 pm and sleeps well all night. Definitely not a morning ‘guy’ as he gets up around 8:30 am and leisurely goes to his big blanket in the living room.

We have had no accidents or marking in the house but we are home and take him out regularly.
He plays like a young dog and his play is ‘mouthy’. He allows us to take his squeaky toy while playing with him.

Bogart is absolutely amazing out in the world on leash. No reaction to sirens, traffic or people on the street. If someone greets him he will gladly sit and get lots of pets and attention (does not jump up). He has greeted all dogs on leash appropriately and even did a little play jumping with a puppy.

He does follow us to every room but now has a couple of favourite spots on mats and is fine with us being within earshot.

Bogart is very attentive with a little bit of ‘pug’ stubbornness but seems to come quickly when called in the house and will sit when asked. He will stop and wait when asked on a walk. He will lie quietly on the floor in the kitchen while we are doing any food prep and does the same while we sit at the table for meals. His way of ‘asking or protesting’ if we are eating seems to a ‘harumph’ throaty sound, but when told no he just walks away and settles.

He does not bark at the sound of the doorbell, or knocking, or anyone coming or going. We are home all day so we gated him in our kitchen and went out to see how he reacts to being home alone. There was no barking - we rang our doorbell, knocked and again not a sound even when we returned. He was happy to see us with tail wagging and sat nicely.

He will have his first vet appointment soon so we will see how that goes.

All in all this first week has shown us a wonderful, gentle, good boy enjoying the company of two adults as an only dog. He will be meeting kids and hopefully dogs for play as time goes on. 


Bogart had a great first night, after convincing foster parents that his proper sleep spot is in Big Bed with them. He slept through the night and woke up happily to another day of attention. He seems to love people, following his new family around everywhere. They are still testing him with dogs passing by but initial interactions have been favourable.

He has been good about doing his potty business outdoors but still needs to have a bowel movement. This could be because he has shown very little interest in the food he came with and/or because he seems to have some allergy symptoms causing mucous in his throat. Foster folks will be changing his food and treats to see if that makes a difference. This morning they tried some different food which he ate from foster parent’s hand so hopefully that will prompt a potty. 

Medically, he has some allergy symptoms including itchiness and ears issues. He was reported with some looseness in his hips but he seems agile and can do stairs easily. He has a couple of lumps which need investigating and he will need a dental.

Socially, Bogart is a good boy. He knows ’sit’ and he comes quickly when called, at least indoors. He is not reactive to the doorbell and is well-behaved around human food preparation. He walks quickly and well on leash and stopped to give a paw a few times to get the sidewalk salt removed. He enjoys playing with a squeaky toy and chewing on a Nylabone but only for short periods. His favourite activity is belly rubs. 


Meet handsome Bogart, a 7 year neutered male, who ended up in rescue through no fault of his own. Within minutes of meeting his foster family, he was making himself at home. He is up to date on vaccinations but will be going to the vet to have blood work done in preparation for probable dental work. How can anyone not love a face like this? Look at it …

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