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Tallulah is doing really well. She has traveled a few times to the cottage and to see her human foster sister in Guelph. She has been invaluable in helping get the apartment set up there. She is very very helpful.

She loves to be close to her foster mother in the house. She is always watching in case something interesting happens or treats are dropped!

She has not been enjoying the rain lately but still manages to get outside to do her thing.

She needs to go back to the vet soon to get a recheck on her bloodwork.


Tallulah has had some adventures in the past couple of weeks. She has been to the cottage for a couple of days and really enjoyed her time there. She definitely enjoys lake life. She did not however enjoy the drive to the cottage in her crate. 

This past week she had her dental and to everyone’s surprise she didn’t lose any teeth in the process. She is recovering well from her dental and continues to be a happy dog.

She is a happy and goofy girl who gets more comfortable by the day in her foster home. 


Please welcome tiny Tallulah who is thought to be about 8 years old. She was found as a stray, complete with overgrown nails, and spent the last few days at a shelter where she was brought up to date on vaccinations and dewormed. After having been spayed and having her umbilical hernia repaired on Tuesday, she entered her foster home yesterday in fine fettle, busily exploring her new surroundings from the get-go. She will be on a restricted activity regime for a few days while she recovers from surgery. The shelter took the opportunity while she was under anaesthetic to examine her mouth and determined that she is in dire need of a dental. Her blood results were overall good but suggested mild anemia and less than ideal creatinine. We’ll give her a chance to recover before retesting her blood and putting her through dental surgery.


Tallulah had a good first night in her foster home. There have been no accidents and she has not even tried to get at her incision. She has been introduced to the other furkids; the resident cat pushed his way in to introduce himself and she sniffed him and then sat down. The cat took that as an invitation to snuggle so they spent some time yesterday napping together. She has already won over the human residents and is now a celebrity on Facetime on the older daughter’s campus.

Last night she slept on BigBed with foster mom, on her head for the most part, so it was very easy to keep an eye on her through the night. At 4:30 this morning she woke up to the sound of a car and started to bark. She has one of the very muted pug barks. 

So far she is doing very well and is very much a stereotypical pug. And much cuter than in her picture! More photos will be coming soon.

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