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I wanted to share a heartwarming update about a little bundle of joy named Sunny, who's currently spreading sunshine in his foster home. Sunny is not just any pug; he's a delightful ball of energy with a penchant for cuddles and a zest for life that's contagious.

From the moment the sun peeks over the horizon, Sunny is ready to greet the day with boundless enthusiasm. His morning greetings are like a ray of sunshine, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

One of Sunny's favorite activities is going on leash walks, where he struts his stuff with impeccable leash manners. His foster parents marvel at how he's improving with his house training every day, showing dedication and progress.

But perhaps what warms the heart the most is seeing Sunny snuggled up with his sister, sharing cozy moments that remind us of the importance of companionship. He's not just a pug; he's a loving sibling and friend.

In his foster home, Sunny has proven himself to be a true family dog, adoringly interacting with children and spreading joy wherever he goes. However, there's one thing this charming pug isn't too fond of - cats. But hey, nobody's perfect, right?

As Sunny continues his journey in foster care, we're rooting for him to find his forever home where he'll bring endless sunshine and love. Until then, let's cherish every moment of his delightful presence and wish him nothing but sunny days ahead.


Can’t believe the puppies have already been here for two weeks!

Sunny and Cricket have settled into their foster home and are back to routine puppy behaviour. They sure have been a handful but in a delightful way! They are full of pure energy, playfulness and excitement. It’s been a lot of work to say the least. 


In the last week, they’ve started to respond to their names which is great. We are “starting” to get outdoor trained, with a few accidents here and there. They’ve started sleeping through the night in their crates, with only some barking in the morning at wake up time. They are still not used to the cats, but our one cat is getting brave and starting to come out anyways. They are really good on the leash! 


Overall for puppies, they are doing really good. 



Meet sweet Sunny, a 7 month old male pug who came to us today, March 4th, from Under My Wing Pug Rescue with his sister Cricket. In the month they were in foster care there, Sunny was neutered, had a HUGE hernia repaired and some teeth removed. Because he has “loose mandibular symphysis” (meaning the two halves of his mandible are not adequately fused) and because of a potential dentigerous cyst, it is recommended that he have a dental checkup next year.
Sunny was also brought up-to-date on vaccinations. Apart from a little diarrhea a few days ago for which he is taking some medication, he is doing well medically. In a couple of weeks he will be going to his new foster home’s clinic for some blood work and a post-op check up. We have been told that Sunny is a happy wee boy who loves snuggles and hates the cold. We look forward to getting to know this boy who lives up to his name.

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