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Click here to complete an adoption applications for Ruby.


We accept the first 30 adoption applications, and then close the adoption window.

We work with the foster family to select the best home for Ruby's requirements. 


If you meet Ruby's requirements, please come back on Saturday, April 6 at 10am to submit an application.  We generally receive a high volume of adoption applications for each dog.  Our foster team, in partnership with the foster family, review all applications to determine the best fit for the dog. 

Medical Issues: Previous corneal ulcer that has healed. Allergic to chicken, causes itchy skin. Managed with diet

Special Diet Needs: High quality food without chicken (e.g. Fromm’s)

Behaviour Issues: Greets people with front paws on them, barks to alert when new people or dogs are present.

Good with kids?  Yes (unknown under 8 years old)

Good with dogs? Yes (seems to prefer smaller dogs). Likes to play if the other dog is willing.

Good with cats?  Unknown.

Housing? Apartment/condo/house/fencing: Fenced backyard is helpful as potty training is going slowly. Does bark when she hears dogs or people and may not be suited for apartment/condo living.

Crated? Yes at night or when not at home for house training purposes.

Time Dog is Alone? So far no longer than 6 hours

House Training: Progressing, Will go in back yard / Pee pads with the occasional accident. Learning to pee on walks. 

Sleep with Humans? No, although I’m sure she would enjoy it.


Ruby has been an absolute pleasure to foster. She is playful, gentle, and even gives us hugs. She enjoys going on walks, playing with her foster brother, chewing on her bone and of course snuggling.


When Ruby came to us, she had weepy eyes, itchy skin and double ear infections. Fortunately, we were able to resolve these issues by removing chicken from her diet and switching her to a high quality chicken-free kibble. Currently she is eating Fromm’s. She was given antibiotics to resolve the ear infections, but she’s had no recurrence since starting the chicken-free diet.


Ruby also has a couple of other more minor health things of note. She has a healed corneal ulcer on right eye. There’s no reason to be concerned with it and it won’t affect her vision. During pre-spay blood work, she had some possible signs of mild anemia. A recheck was done two weeks later and the results were stable, suggesting that the low values are just her normal and nothing to be concerned about. However, her adopter may want to have it rechecked in a month or so or anytime that she’s unwell. 


Ruby is a friendly and exuberant puppy who is still learning manners. She has a tendency to jump on new people and bark when she hears dogs outside or sees them on walks - a trick she picked up from her foster brother.  She also enjoys chewing or licking metal - e.g. zippers and the ends of strings on hoodies etc. Ruby is a quick learner though and can be easily redirected with a bone or other treat. We have no doubt that with some time and training, she can also learn to keep her paws on the floor and be less vocal about her canine friends


Ruby has been living with two calm teenage boys. On walks, she has been exposed to young children and happily accepts their love and company. She does seems to get nervous when children are loud and has not been exposed to infants yet. 


Ruby has been slow to learn house training (typical for puppy mill dogs) so a fenced backyard would be helpful. Ruby also barks when she hears other dogs barking or when she hears people entering and thus may not be suited for an apartment lifestyle. 


Ruby has been living with two dogs (5 yrs medium sized and 14-year-old pug) and is working on her canine manners. She has adapted to the different “play” styles of her foster siblings and is gentle when playing. She can be the annoying little sister on occasion and tries to get them to play with her when they might not be willing to do so. This is typical puppy behaviour. On walks, she has met dogs of various sizes and seems to be slightly fearful of larger dogs compared to smaller dogs. She has not yet been exposed to cats.


Ruby has been crated overnight for 8+ hours and sleeps peacefully. We also put her in her crate when we leave the house as she is not fully housetrained. Ruby is also gated to the main floor of our house for the same reasons. She has a bit of FOMO as she will sometimes bark when she is in her crate and we are home unless she is super tired.


Ruby has made significant progress both medically and socially while in foster care. We will miss her little wagging bottom, her curious/playful nature, and the way she loves wholeheartedly.  


Ruby made a full recovery from her spay surgery and is no longer on any medication!


Since removing most of the chicken from her diet, Ruby’s skin has improved tremendously. Her eyes have healed and the vet reports that there is no indication of any ear infection although she still scratches her ears sometimes. She seems to be in great shape with no outstanding medical issues.


Ruby now LOVES to go on walks. She has been slow to learn that she can pee on walks but recently started doing a bowel movement on our strolls. She typically pees in our backyard as soon as we get back from our walks.


House training has hit a plateau, which is apparently common for puppy mill dogs. All of her business is done in our backyard or on a pee pad with the odd accident. The second half of the day she seems to need to urinate more than the first half. She has not learned to scratch on the back door when she has to “go”, but we simply read her cues e.g. tail down, walking over pee pad, nervous disposition and then take her out.


She loves meeting new people and dogs, but is still a bit apprehensive if the people or dogs are loud or seemingly large. Ruby’s overall anxiety is much better and she sure is comfortable at our house. Like many pugs, Ruby still snores. She has learned to sit, is good on car rides and with quieter children. We are not sure how she is with cats or infants and she seems to prefer smaller dogs.


She thinks she rules the house, enjoys playing with her toys, going for walks, playing with her foster brother, snuggling with her foster sister (see photo), chewing on her bones, and of course snuggling.


She has won our hearts <3


It has been a busy week for Ms. Ruby! Yesterday she went to the vet and everyone was of course enamoured by her cuteness. The vet discovered that she has bilateral ear infections and is now on antibiotic ear drops twice a day. It appears that Ruby might go into heat soon, so it is best that she gets spayed ASAP and an appointment has been made for next week.  

You might remember that Ruby came with a weeping eye which the vet feels might have been due to a corneal abrasion that seems to have healed. This is often due to the combination of litter mates stepping on each other and pugs having big eyes.

At the vet we discussed a possible sensitivity to chicken. In response we will be changing Ruby’s dog food to see if that makes a difference to her itchiness. Overall, the vet was very pleased with her health, energy level and friendly disposition.

Ruby has finally been enjoying her walks. She has yet to learn that she can pee on walks, but certainly enjoys the smells of the big world! She has met a few dogs now and seems to prefer the smaller ones, but tries to play with them all. We have learned that Ruby does not understand this crazy wind we’ve been having and thinks it is very scary. We have also learned that she enjoys snoozing on car rides.

Hoping all goes smoothly with Ruby’s surgery next week!


Ruby has been doing amazing! She is 80% house trained and continues to sleep soundly through the night. She is very comfortable at home and cautious when exploring new places, which is to be expected. Going on walks is still quite scary for her, but she sure does love to cuddle. Ruby has the tiniest cutest little bark when she tries to get our dogs to play with her. Her eye seems to have cleared up and she has a vet appointment coming up at the end of the month.
We’ve learned that snow is not one of Ruby’s favourite things and she definitely prefers to be warm. We have also learned that she enjoys chewing on strings and taking the stuffing out of toys. We have also learned that we gave her the right name as Ruby is truly a gem!


Meet precious Ruby who came into foster care yesterday at the age of about six months. She and her brother, being fostered at another rescue, came from a puppy mill this past weekend. She was taken to a vet on Monday to check out her weepy eyes and snorting. There was no fever or symptoms of a respiratory issue and she was deemed healthy enough for vaccinations. She was given eye drops and a probiotic for a few days. 


Understandably, Ruby has been a bit cautious and reserved but she is very sweet and likes people. Foster mom reported that she slept through the night and has been playful since she woke up. That augurs well for the future.  


She will be in foster care for a while until she has her second DHPP, her spay surgery and is house-trained. We look forward to seeing this beautiful girl's sparkle shine brighter and brighter as she becomes confident and happy in her new surroundings.


Ruby is quickly adjusting to this fairly quiet home with two calm teen boys. She ate a few kibbles this morning and most of her probiotic. She loves to put two paws on you and lick your face all over. She lights up when other dogs and people pay attention to her and is learning new skills like going up two steps and exploring a few rooms on her own. She is curious and starting to play with toys but ultimately likes to be on my lap snuggling. She is sure to brighten up any home.  


We’ve had a few pugs now and her breathing reminds me of our first pug who snored when sleeping and was snarfully. She seems to get a bit of extra mucus every so often and hacks it up. Most of the time Ruby’s breathing is pretty typical for a snorty pug. Her eyes seems pretty good to me, morning eye goop, and slightly pink but no puss or excess watering. That is just my initial thoughts of her two minor issues that we are monitoring her for. 

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