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It's time for a delightful update on the one and only Cricket, the pint-sized pug with a heart as big as the sky. Despite her tiny legs, Cricket doesn't let anything hold her back from spreading love and joy wherever she goes.

One thing that Cricket absolutely adores is belly rubs and cuddles, both from her beloved humans and her adorable brother, Sunny. With every gentle stroke and affectionate embrace, Cricket's happiness shines through, warming the hearts of all who meet her.

Just like her brother, Cricket is a star on leash walks, trotting along with enthusiasm and a wagging tail. And when it comes to house training, she's making great strides, with only a few accidents here and there - a testament to her determination and eagerness to learn.

Now, let's talk about Cricket's playful spirit. Despite her best efforts, the cats in the house remain uninterested in her playful antics. But that doesn't stop Cricket from trying! She's determined to win them over with her charm and enthusiasm, even if it means a few failed attempts along the way.

As Cricket continues to thrive in her foster home, we can't help but admire her resilience and boundless affection. With her tiny paws and big heart, she's a shining example of the love and happiness that animals bring into our lives.


Can’t believe the puppies have already been here for two weeks!

Sunny and Cricket have settled into their foster home and are back to routine puppy behaviour. They sure have been a handful but in a delightful way! They are full of pure energy, playfulness and excitement. It’s been a lot of work to say the least. 


In the last week, they’ve started to respond to their names which is great. We are “starting” to get outdoor trained, with a few accidents here and there. They’ve started sleeping through the night in their crates, with only some barking in the morning at wake up time. They are still not used to the cats, but our one cat is getting brave and starting to come out anyways. They are really good on the leash! 


Overall for puppies, they are doing really good. 


No concerns with Crickets healing; she’s rarely limping now and consistently using her leg. The incision is healing nicely! 



Meet cutie-patootie Cricket, a 7 month old female pug who came to us today, March 4th, from Under My Wing Pug Rescue with her brother Sunny. In the month they were in foster care there, Cricket was spayed, had a minor hernia repaired and some teeth removed. She was also treated for a mild urinary tract infection/vaginitis and brought up-to-date on vaccinations.


Cricket has been diagnosed with the genetic defect called chondrodysplasia (canine dwarfism) which means her cartilage does not grow normally. This has resulted, in her case, in short limbs and some curvature in many of her long bones. It also resulted in painful dysplasia in her right hip so last week she had surgery to correct the femoral head. In a couple of weeks she will be going to her new foster home’s clinic for some blood work and a post-op check up. In the meantime, she will be on restricted activity (including no stairs) for a week to ten days, followed by another two weeks of leash walking only. This isn’t easy for a young puppy who wants to play so she is on Trazodone to keep her calm. Despite these troubles, Cricket is a happy, normally energetic wee girl who loves to snuggle. We hope these surgeries will set her up well for a happy, pain-free life. 

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