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Pugalug's 400th Rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!



Pumpkin has been in foster care for almost 3 weeks now and he has adapted to the household routines easily. The first couple of days when I would leave the house he would bark. Now there's no fussing once I leave. He and the resident Pug are constantly playing and snuggling together.

Pumpkin has no personal space etiquette. He will walk all over you including your face to try to get closer. He's a very active boy and gets excited quite easily as soon as you speak to him. This is also evident when we go on our daily walks. He's all over the place sniffing everything and trying to say hello to everyone. We are working on better leash control.

One of the best experiences of fostering is discovering their "quirks". Pumpkin will try to get your attention by scratching at you. When you get him to stop, he will step back, sit, and bark silently at you twice. I believe it's his inside voice. This is adorable.

Pumpkin will be going to the vet in the next couple of weeks to see about his allergies.


Meet precious Pumpkin, a very friendly neutered male pug who will be 4 years old in about a month. His family cared enough to realize their home environment was exacerbating his allergies and chose to entrust him to Pugalug to find him a more appropriate home. He will remain in foster care until we learn more about what triggers his allergies and what strategies are successful in managing them. Isn’t he adorable?

Pumpkin is acclimating well to foster care. On his first night, he slept in his bed in the living room and is eating his meals well. So far he hasn't itched much and his skin seems to be fine. Toilet training has been a challenge with his excitement at being with other animals in a new environment so the foster family will be reinforcing his association between being outside and going for walks with pottying.  He’s pretty excited to play with the resident pug and gets on well with the cat. He listens wonderfully when you say no or correct him and his recall is pretty good. 

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