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Pugalug Rescue #367 - Notcho









Notcho is a delight!!  He has settled in very well with us, and is especially attached to our young son and my husband. He's easy going, likes to play and LOVES walks. He is also very chill and likes to snuggle us and watch tv.

From the first night he slept in the big bed (of course!). It seemed as if we had him forever.  He loves chasing birds and other unwelcome animals out of our yard. He also loves looking out the window and can recognize the sound of my husband's truck.  He makes a bee line for the window to welcome him home from work. He loves rides in the truck and has his own spot with a bed so he can see everything going on.


After losing our pugs Sami and Odie last year, our hearts finally feel full again. He's a perfect pug companion and sweet addition to our family. We call our house Notcho Nation!! 

Pug love is the best!! Thanks Pugalug, he's a little treasure!

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