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I am so happy to report that Ebby is setting in wonderfully! It really was love at first sight, and I think that is most people's experience when meeting Ebby! We got out of the car and hadn't even shut the doors before she was greeting us with tons of kisses so we just sat there on the lawn soaking up the snuggles and laughing as she got the zoomies and tried to get my husband to play. Her ride home was long but she was absolutely stellar, so for a dog that used to have anxiety in cars, we were shocked and amazed at how far she had come with the tireless effort of her amazing foster!


She has full run of our condo and has found her favourite spots, so we put a bed near her 'Neighbourhood Watch' spot at our floor to ceiling windows so she can huff and puff at all the people and pets below. She really likes to have her little observation station and can be found there much of the day while I work. She LOVES long sniffy walks so we do three a day and she really keeps a pace! She is also SO well treat-trained for checking in. I've been converted and will treat-train every future dog we rescue. She’s got such amazing recall and I'm pretty impressed by her all the time! We have rescued a lot of seniors over the years, so having 7 year old excited pug energy is a different but lovely change of pace.


She really is very smart, so we give her most of her meals in big snuffle mats or a kong wobbler, and she LOVES it! Her WAIT is so amazing. I've never had a pug that allowed me to put a snuffle on the ground, sprinkle the kibbles on and wait until they are told it's okay! Is she an alien unicorn pug? Her snorts and sniffles and wiggles are hilarious and she LOVES to play. She loves a lot of things, clearly! She has about a 20 minute battery it seems on toys, but it's super cute that she will want to play with me for 5-10 min and then will switch to my husband for the same amount, and then switch back, like she's trying to give us equal attention. At some point every day I'll find my husband with Ebby lying on him, on her back, luxuriating in belly rubs. She runs and dives at us and flips onto her back in the big bed for as much belly rub time as she can get!


We have brought her on a few little hikes in the two weeks she's been home with us, which she absolutely loves, but we have yet to find her a dog bestie to play with. We are going to invite some friends over the next week or two that have dogs with similar energy levels to see who she might like! We didn't want to overwhelm her with visitors too soon but since she seems to be doing so nicely, we figure it's time to have a few play dates!  We are so in love with little Ebbs and every step of the way has felt right. We are so lucky to get to be her parents!

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