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Pugalug Rescue #359 - Brinkley

Hello Pugalug!  This is Brinkley, here, with an update on my new life adventures as a snazzy city pug!

First of all, a big pug hug and “thank you” to my foster mom and Pugalug for getting me ready for my new home. Foster mom set a very high bar for my new family. I think I’m a pretty darned lucky pug to have had such love, warmth and care from my Pugalug family. 

So far, I’ve had a pretty smooth transition into my new home. As the only canine member of the house, I get to be spoiled by my new mom on a regular basis!  I’ve added a bear, dragon, frog, spider and mallard duck to my stuffed toy collection. I love to grab the bear or duck in my mouth and shake it like mad and then have a good tug of war with mom.  I often get to be the center of attention which is perfectly fine with me (love those belly rubs)….except when my new mom gets a glint in her eye and mumbles something about a “new Hallowe’en costume” for me to try.  Oh dear.

Costumes aside, I think I’ve done quite a good job getting mom trained on how to care for me. We’ve settled into a nice routine for my outdoor walks & “business trips”.  We live in a great little neighbourhood with LOTS of other dogs, including another pug and pug mix around the corner! Everyone has been quite welcoming to me and it is certainly never boring!  I help mom protect our home by sitting at the dining room door and keeping watch on the patio for those nasty squirrels and bark when they show up!

New mom must have gotten the memo from foster mom not to over-indulge me with treats.  My efforts to charm mom into giving me treats has pretty much fallen flat. At best, I get a small beef liver treat after my am tacrolimus drops (darn – mom got the memo on that one, too!).  I guess maintaining my puggie physique is paying off, since I am now a star on a bunch of mom’s Zoom calls with her family, friends & work colleagues. You’d think me being such a good pug girl during the Zoom calls would earn me treats, but…nope…just cuddles and smiles.

Speaking of cuddles, I made mom wait for a couple of weeks until I felt comfy enough to snooze on the couch with mom.  For the first time since I arrived, last night, as mom was stretched out on the couch, I joined her, and used her leg as a chin rest, while I napped.  Mom didn’t seem to mind my snoring.

On behalf of my mom, thank you, Pugalug – mom and I are grateful to have each other.

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