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UPDATE - Sept 30, 2022

Penelope’s (formerly Rosita’s) adopters reached out to let us know that it was her 10th birthday yesterday!  Penelope spent her day mostly lounging outside in the sun with her pug brother, her cat and her chickens. Her family reports that she has become so comfortable that it’s almost as if there was never a time she wasn’t with them. When she wants a snuggle, she isn’t afraid to uproot whatever is in her path and jump up on you. They say she is such a sweet little soul, very happy and doing great! 

Rosita, or the kids call her Penelope, I think has settled in nicely.  She LOVES the kids and has become quite playful and gets excited to hop in the car with pug brother Carl to go pick them up from school. She absolutely loves outside. Taking walks down our long driveway and down the back; all the new smells and lots of birds and chipmunks - she chatters back and scratches her feet at them!  Neither she nor Carl hear very well and follow each other around. Penelope is really quite social, even with the cats, but won’t hesitate to hop on to the couch or her bed to claim her spot and push a cat out!  Often in the evenings, each pug can be found on a side of a lap snuggled in watching or barking at the TV.  She is really quite comical and a sweet special little soul and we love her!

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