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Happy Tale Update - October 5, 2022

Puppy Stella who was adopted in May is doing really well with her furever family, getting and giving lots of love. Yesterday, however, she wasn’t all that impressed with her people because it was finally time to be spayed. At the same time, she had some retained baby teeth removed. Here’s a photo of her snuggled into her blanket as she was recovering. Today, she’s feeling much better, posing with a pumpkin that one of the vet techs painted of her while she was there. The techs absolutely love her and her sister whom they spoil a lot.  How could they not adore such princesses?

Happy Tale

Hi everyone, it’s me Stella in my new country abode!!! It’s quite different than living in the hustle and bustle of the big city. I get to wander and wander with my mom and my sister pug Zoey and there are no cars!!! Not like the heart of the city!! I don’t miss the noise but sometimes I miss my foster mom. She was so great with me, I was there for a very long time. When my new mom sees me sniffing and looking around sometimes she knows I’m looking for my other family.  She snuggles me and helps me feel comfy and safe and reminds me how much I’m loved in my new home too.

My favourite thing to do is chase my sister Zoey. She’s older than me but can keep up pretty good.

Image (4).jpeg
stella 2.jpg

I love to watch tv and sometimes steal the remote (hee hee).

stella 3.jpg

But dad chases me to get it back. He looks funny when he runs!!

I get in a wee bit of trouble for chewing. I like to do it but I’m learning it’s not a nice thing to do. And this family wants me to pee outside!! Can you believe that?!! They keep taking me out there but I prefer inside. I’m sure I will understand these requests one day soon.

My eye drops are ongoing twice a day but I really don’t like them. I do sit very still though so I can get my treat when it’s done.

I get to sleep in the big bed like a princess (it’s HUGE). My sister sleeps there too and let’s me know if I’m getting in her space. She usually wakes dad up when she talks to me and then she gets in trouble (hee hee). He doesn’t know it’s me that caused her to do it.

Mom hit her head recently so dad packed us up for a week and took mom to a quiet place with our RV so she could relax. They brought my favourite bed too so I could feel safe and at home. Me and Zoey each got a toy for the trip but we both liked the same one.

stella 4.jpg

I’m loving my new home even if mom makes me learn new things and dad makes me do tricks for treats (I love blueberries!)

I’m very happy and hope my foster mom knows how much I appreciate her finding me such a loving forever home.

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