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January 14, 2022

Frankie just came home from a spa day. She was such a good girl, smells so good and feels puppy soft. Here is her modeling pic showing off how good she looks 







January 11, 2023

Hi everyone, it’s Frankie! It’s been just over a month now since my forever family found me….and let me tell you - they love me and I love them! It’s like I have been here my whole life. I already have some very important jobs - like helping to decorate the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, guarding the house from the back of the couch, walking my little humans to and from school, napping, zoomies, more napping, following my humans to the bathroom in case they need me and of course helping in the kitchen (my new dad gives me steak - the girls are my favourite at every other time but on steak night he’s my #1).


They say I am a stage 5 clinger - not really sure what that means but if it’s that I am always there, no matter where they go, that’s what I am! They also laugh at me a lot - I am so funny! I give and get so many kisses and cuddles a day, love going on long walkies (even with my booties on) and especially love playing with all my new toys that Santa brought me for Christmas. Santa must have been very impressed with how well my new cousin Gracie and I sat for our picture with him!


Thank you Pugalug for taking good care of me and for helping me to find my people. I feel like a puppy again - my life is amazing!


P.S. I will not poop in the rain.

December 5, 2022

Frankie had a very busy first day! Was a celebrity in our house yesterday with our extended family and the girls’ friends. She is so sweet and energetic - had puppy energy for sure which the girls love! Went on a couple of walkies yesterday, played in the yard and helped with Christmas tree decorating. Frankie follows us around everywhere and is making herself at right at home. Has been eating no problem. She slept all night with my oldest daughter- she wanted no part of sleeping on her own bed last night but is napping on her bed beside me now. Did her first walk to school and was very sad to leave the girls but happy to get home for some treats. She has had no accidents at all. She does appear to be really itchy though so I’ll try to clean her folds today. … Here are some first pics. Thank you again for choosing us - we love her to bits!

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