October 3, 2020 - Adopter Requirements for Nova:

Medical issues: Diabetic, Underactive Thyroid, has had Cataract Surgery


Special diet needs: Nova gets his insulin by injection while he eats at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. He is not bothered by these shots. Hill’s W/D prescription diet for diabetes.


Behaviour Issues: Can be stubborn at times  

Good with Kids? Yes all sizes

Good with Dogs? Yes


Good with Cats? Unknown 


Housing? Fenced yard


Crated? No 

Time Dog is Alone? Has been left a maximum of 6 hours

House training: Yes

Sleep with humans? Yes and is fine to sleep on a dog bed on the floor


Nova is an older and refined gentleman. He is still quite spry for his age and loves to be included in all activities in the house. He also loves to go for walks to explore and be around people as much as he can. When Nova gets tired he will go off and put himself to bed. 

Nova is completely housetrained but is on a special high fibre diet for his diabetes. After his meals, he needs to get outside several times in the hour or so afterwards. In addition, if he ever pees in the house it is a sign that his blood sugar is running too high.  

When Nova arrived here initially, his cataracts were quite mature. He still navigated the world well but was very quiet. Now that he is able to see better, he loves to explore even more than before and has become vocal when he sees other dogs or people (who due to COVID restrictions) aren’t saying hello to him. 

Nova loves to either cuddle on his people’s laps or behind/in front of your chair on the floor. Nova is a big fan of comfort and fluffy dog beds.

His new people will need to become familiar with Nova’s large range of vocal noises. He is a really big goofy character.   

He enjoys the company of other dogs and while he enjoys their company he doesn’t like to play. He does enjoy cuddling with other dogs.

Nova loves people of all sizes and is gentle with everyone. He also likes other dogs of all different sizes and is very respectful of another dog’s space.


Nova would do best in a home where there is a fenced yard. He is half beagle and likes to search for things occasionally. Nova does not appear to have much of a prey drive but he loves to follow his nose. He also really enjoys a good long car ride.

He has never been crated while he has been with us so I can’t comment on how he would do with that.

Nova is young enough that he likes to go for walks and be part of any and all activities going on in the house, but mature enough that he is also equally happy sitting on the couch cuddling and napping with his people.  

Foster Update - October 1, 2020

After waiting patiently during the pandemic, Nova was finally able to have cataract surgery mid-July.  Initially he did well but had some issues with skin infection on his neck and an ulcer in his right eye.  Over the next couple of months, the skin infection healed as did his eye.  The poor wee man spent at least two months in the cone of shame.  Initially he was quite delicate with the cone but he quickly became a dog that liked to ram into things with the cone.  Now that the cone is off, the backs of our legs are healing nicely.

Before Nova had his cataract surgery, he was quite a quiet boy but now that he can see better he likes to announce that fact from the back seat of the car to all of the people and pets that have the misfortune to be outside.  We are now still getting to know sighted Nova.

The best news though is that all of his health challenges have been addressed and he will soon be ready to find his forever home. Keep a close watch for his requirements and date for the application form to be available.


Foster Update - June 25, 2020

In Nova’s last update it was reported that he was having his cataract surgery but he had a bit of a hiccup with that.  He needed to get a dental done first.  As I write this he is just home super stoned from the clinic having his dental done.  He lost 9 teeth but did really well with the anesthetic … yay Nova!   Other than being very groggy, he is doing well so far. Assuming no post surgery problems, he will be having his cataract surgery on July 13th.


Other than his medical hiccups, he continues to be a fantastic companion.  He takes his medications without complaint and just loves to be near people.  Yesterday we were out in the back yard and Nova wasn’t allowed to come out with us (we don’t like the combination of pool and blind dog).  He then continued to use his beagle part and howl like we had left him for good.  So we put his harness on and let him out in the yard.  He then just stayed by our side and never wandered near the pool.


Other than his current medical challenges, there is nothing left to work on with Nova.  While he requires a home which will adhere to his strict timing for feeding and insulin, he is well worth the extra effort.

Foster Update - May 22, 2020

Nova now has his cataract surgery booked for June 2nd.  He seems pretty calm about it but I’m a nervous wreck.  In the meantime he is enjoying the sunshine and the extra company of his self-isolated people.  He is very routine oriented as he gets his meals at 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM every day.  He has an internal clock that tells him when it’s food time.  He is not patient if you are off by even a couple of minutes.  He starts with a low whine that gets louder and louder until it’s a bit deafening.  He has now added to the routine in that he likes to go to bed at 10:00 PM every night.  Now that we stay up a bit later, he is quite annoyed with us.  After he gives up on us going to bed, he quietly excuses himself and puts himself to bed on the big dog bed that he has commandeered from the extra large dog. 


As he now feels a lot better since he first got here, we have discovered that he loves to go for long walks (we were taking him on short walks previously).  After his walks, he loves to get a big drink of water and then sit down on someone’s feet (he’s not picky about whose).  When he can’t find feet to sleep on, he looks for any kind of footwear to sleep on.


Foster Update - April 24, 2020

Nova is currently having a great time with all of his extra human time during the self isolation.  He enjoys his extra outside time as well as the extra cuddle time we have been giving him.  While I work from home right now, he is keeping me company every day by working by my side and sitting on my feet to keep me warm.  So he seems to be doing quite well with his people being home and bothering him with cuddles 24/7.  After some stressful time initially, we have also managed to keep him in insulin and food during this time.


Once the self isolation period is over, we will be able to get him the cataract surgery that he is waiting for and he will then be ready to find his forever home to live out his retirement years.


Nova still likes to spend time cuddling with the other dogs as well as the people in the house. 


Foster Update - March 26, 2020

Nova continues to do very well.  For the most part his sugars are in range and his thyroid medication is working well.  At this point he is waiting out the COVID19 virus to be able to have his cataract surgery.  Once he recovers from that he will be ready to find his forever home.


He loves to cuddle with the other resident dogs in my house and loves to meet any and all new people.  While I am working from home the past 2 weeks, he loves to sit on my lazy boy chair with me to act as my supervisor throughout the day.  When he gets tired at night, he goes upstairs on his own and puts himself to bed (about 10:00PM every night). 


He really is a little love of a dog who is not a velcro dog but he does love to be near his people if at all possible.

Foster Update - January 15, 2020

Nova's blood sugars are remaining stable at the moment (but I believe that they need to be checked again in a couple of months). There will always be some variations. His thyroid medication is also working as well.

Recently Nova has been working on his resource guarding and is coming along really well.

Now that his diabetes and grumpiness are under control he is going to the eye specialist on January 20th to see if anything can be done to correct his cataracts.

Now for the fun updates on Nova:

He loves to sleep in places that aren't necessarily recommended. For example, earlier this week I found him sleeping inside my daughter's recently sharpened skates. He is on a non-stop hunt for food at all times (except for when he is sleeping) and as a result he recently broke into the air-tight food container for the other dogs in the house. I have had the container for 20 years and no one has ever broken it before. I bought something called a "Vittles Vault" to keep him out of the food, and so far he hasn't figured it out.  Nova also has a vast knowledge of how to get into closed rooms and passed shut doors. He is also happy to share his skill with Danny and they have now taken to shredding toilet paper when they can't find anything edible.

All in all he is a happy boy who just likes to nap in warm places and use his beagle parts to hunt down food.

Foster Update - November 27, 2019

Nova has been working really hard to get his thyroid and his blood sugar numbers back down to a normal range. The good news is that he has finally gotten both of these numbers within range. It is also clear that he is feeling better now as he is back to his normal puppy self. Now that the weather has suddenly turned cold he is really enjoying cuddling under the covers with his people and cuddling up to the other dogs in the house to be able to steal their body heat.

Nova is currently working on being less possessive of his valued food and garbage cans. He currently thinks that paper towel and toilet paper are extra fibre in his diet. While he enjoys this we don't love picking up the shredded bits of paper in the house. He is picking up these things very quickly though so I expect that to be relatively quick to correct. He loves to trade for treats. Not that the pugs in the house aren't smart because they are, but Nova is smarter than the average pug (probably due to the beagle part of him).

All in all, he is a lovely lovely boy. He takes his medication without complaint and loves nothing more than being close to the people and dogs in the house. He loves to meet new people and dogs. Also, he is the most fun dog to pet because he is as soft as a bunny.

Foster Update - September 25, 2019

Nova continues to be a little character who now rules his foster mom's home. He had a great summer and really enjoyed his short strolls into the lake.

His thyroid meds were recently adjusted and he seems to be doing well. He also recently had a blood glucose curve done. His numbers weren't great so we have adjusted his dose and he will be re-checked again very soon.

Foster Update - July 2, 2019

Nova is continuing to do well on both his insulin and his thyroid medications. He is down to an ideal weight now. He also appears to be feeling much better as he started to chase his tail and has become even chattier, adding some new sounds to his repertoire. He continues to get along well with all new human and fur people that he meets. His thyroid is due to be rechecked shortly so I am hopeful those meds are now perfect. His insulin curve is due to be redone in two months. All in all he is a really delightful little man.

Foster Update - MAY 30, 2019

We have started to call Nova "Nugget" because he's just such a cute little nugget. He has started to go both up and down the stairs in the house which shows that he is feeling better and is totally comfortable in our home. He loves his food and has an internal clock set to 7:00am and 7:00pm. If his food is even a minute late he starts to chatter non-stop and jump at the kitchen counter. If that doesn't work he resorts to ramming me in the shins with his head.

He continues to love all of the other dogs in the house and still likes to cuddle with Kitty. If Kitty is not available he now cuddles with Charles (which is kind of amazing because Charles has a tendency to be unpredictable). Charles seems to know that Nova needs a bit of extra patience and he's fine with that. Nova likes to give kisses but with his funky tongue an intended kiss to the cheek often becomes a kiss to the armpit.


At a recent visit to the vet Nova's insulin curve was done and his numbers are much better than the last time. At this point he doesn't need another curve for 2-3 months. This is very good news. The vet also re-checked his thyroid and the news wasn't quite as good. His thyroid is still a little low so his medication has been increased and will need to be re-checked in a month.

All in all Nova seems to be doing really well. The longer he is with us, the more entertaining he becomes.

Foster Update - April 6, 2019

Nova loves all people that he meets (big and small). He has settled into my house seamlessly. Our resident grouchy dog Charles has even taken to him. Like all of our male foster dogs Nova has formed an attachment to Kitty ( she pretends she doesn't like Nova but we know she does).

He likes to have long periods of napping and has an amazing internal clock that tells him when it's 7:30 twice per day for his feeding and insulin times. He always eats well and takes his insulin like a champ. He spends most of his time upstairs and when he feels that he would like company he wails at the top of the stairs for us to either come upstairs and pay attention to him or carry him down to go outside, get him some water and cuddle on the couch. He is a very well behaved boy with only one exception......he lives to shred toilet paper (we are working on that).

Nova had his first insulin curve with us mid-February and his second today. The vet will call tomorrow with the interpretation of the results. I had a fast look tonight and his numbers have gone down from before so I think an another adjustment will be made.


He is a little character who with a little extra effort would fit in just about anywhere.

Introduction - February 20, 2019

Nova is a super sweet 9-year-old puggle with a tongue that goes on for days. He has settled in at his foster home quite quickly because he's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. As long as he has a human to snuggle and his favourite toys, he's perfectly content. When foster mom goes to work, he naps and plays in his own quarters with no evidence of any anxiety. Nova has a hard time seeing so he is prone to bumping in to walls and other fur siblings but is quickly learning to navigate his way around. He has had no accidents indoors to date. This happy, cuddly boy has been a complete joy! More updates to come as we get to know this little man.

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