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She has been an angel here and gets along with our 2 cats  -  No issues at all. Sweet Pea has about 5% vision which doesn't stop her in the least. She is great on stairs (we always monitor her though). She doesn't have access to them when we aren't home. She is in her play gate when we leave the house or at night.

She is showing signs of separation anxiety and we have a phone consultation with a behavioral therapist coming up. She was having a few pee accidents in the house but this has settled. We take her out very often and she is not free-roaming when we aren't home. She has never had an accident in her crate. The vet results show she has a bladder infection and she will be getting meds this week.

She is truly an angel and super smart. Loves her squeaky toys and her sardine treats. She gives paw for her treats. She walks so well and loves to go in her stroller. For a 10-year-old, she is very very spicy lol! She has tons of energy.  Sweet Pea is also a huge cuddle puggy, and always laying right beside us. She gets along with all the neighborhood kids. They love her! 


Meet lovely Miss Sweet Pea, a ten-year-old spayed lady pug who has recently been living at the shelter since her owner passed away. As you’ll see from the video, she was excited to meet her new foster parents this afternoon and was good as gold in the car, silent in anticipation of her new life. She has already enjoyed exploring the backyard and was very well-behaved and friendly with the neighbour’s kids.


The shelter told us that SP has all the usual senior pug issues including brachycephalic syndrome (stenotic nares and suspect elongated palate), dry eye, cloudy corneas (she’s partially blind) but only has mild dental disease, including an underbite. She also has a history of developing skin/ear issues through the warmer months, though she’s not symptomatic right now.  She has been microchipped, brought up to date on vaccinations, has been dewormed and has had a dose of Revolution against heartworm, fleas and ear mites. After a couple of weeks in her foster home, she will have bloodwork done. At 31 lbs, she could stand to lose some weight but she’s quite tall for a pug and overall is in good shape.

In the shelter, she was paired up with another little dog for playtime but while she was relaxed with the other dog, she was less interested in play than in getting human attention. She previously lived with two cats. She was fantastic for her medical exam and mostly stayed clean in her kennel. Since entering her foster home, she has been peeing a lot and we will be monitoring to determine if this is due to excitement or a possible urinary tract infection.

We’re very excited to welcome Sweet Pea into the Pugalug family and look forward to getting to know her better over the coming weeks.

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