The rescue has opened back up for adoptions.  NOT ALL DOGS ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.  Many dogs in foster care are still completing their vetting.  When a dog is available for adoption, they will be posted on our social media, and an adoption application will be available on their webpage. 


All home visits will require the family to fill out a health questionnaire, and everyone in the family will be required to wear a mask during the home visit.   Social distancing will be maintained to whatever degree that is possible in a home visit environment. The rescue reserves the right to refuse a home visit if these measures are not adhered to. The rescue has face masks that they can provide to volunteers and potential adopters who have a home visit scheduled.

Foster Update - April 28, 2020

Fendi's allergy reaction appears to be stable, her hair is growing back in nicely and her skin is clearing up. Fingers crossed that we've got this under control.


Living with a house full of senior pugs has been helpful for Fendi to learn tolerance, patience, and manners. The seniors don't put up with naughty behaviour of young pugs! She is a feisty little girl with lots of energy and love to give. She loves a big backyard with lots of room to run and play to burn energy.  We never have to wonder what Fendi wants; she's very clear with her message when she wants lap time, out to the yard, or a snack. She's very vocal and loves to keep the property safe from strangers and dangerous squirrels, robins, and blowing leaves!

Foster Update - April 8, 2020

Fendi's skin condition has finally begun to settle with medication, baths, and time. We're hoping she’s on the home stretch this time. She has extreme sensitivities to foods and certain medications that will need to be watched with vigilance. Through it all, Fendi remains a very energetic, expressive, vocal, and playful girl who just wants to have fun and be cuddled.

Foster Update - February 9, 2020

Fendi has very sensitive allergies and had a set-back after her dental surgery due to a severe reaction to the topical medicine used during the surgery. It's taken some time to pinpoint what was causing the reaction but we're certain we now know. The same medication was, unfortunately, in the shampoo that we were using to help her skin which made it worse. Her skin is beginning to heal with gentle, oatmeal baths and she's taking some medication to help speed the healing. Through it all, Fendi has remained full of happiness and enthusiasm for life and kisses and snuggles from her foster humans.


Foster Update - January 4, 2020

Fendi's dental surgery to remove a couple of retained baby teeth and follow up appointment went well.

We're really enjoying watching Fendi's personality blossom. She has a lot of puppy in her still - and a lot of energy. Fendi is quite athletic for a pug and will leap from high places without hesitation. She can go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. She loves running, playing tug-of-war, chasing birds and squirrels, kids, and cuddling in our arms. She loves to make us laugh and be loved.

Foster Update - November 16, 2019

Fendi has settled in beautifully in her foster home and with the resident grumble. Her diet was changed and the constant itching stopped, her fur is growing back in shiny and soft. She's very quick to learn and has picked up the daily routine and some words like sit and paw. Fendi is a very active and vocal/expressive girl. She loves to run, and play, not so much a typical couch pug, but also needs regular snuggle and kiss time on our laps. Fendi will be soon be seeing a behaviourist on how best to deal with her social skills (occasionally lunging at cars on walks). She loves people and children and is generally just a happy girl when she's with her people.

Fendi has had all of her vaccinations now and is awaiting dental surgery at the end of this month.

Introduction - September 22, 2019

Meet Fendi, a 2 1/2 year old fawn pug beauty who was surrendered to us this week because she can no longer breed as a result of a C-section spay at her second litter whelping a few weeks ago. She is full of personality and smart as a whip so should pick up leash training and other boundary issues quite quickly. She has already figured out that the backyard grass is for pottying and is learning a few commands. A velcro pug, she loves human affection and sleeping close in Big Bed. She has been shedding quite a lot, perhaps due to all her recent stress or because of a change of diet for a few weeks before intake. She will be going to the vet in a few days for a full checkup. Stay tuned ...

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