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Pugalug Rescue #357 - Fendi

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful it is that Fendi has joined our family!  From the very first she has brought us joy, and all we seem to want to do is find new ways to make her happy.  She loves to go for walks – she stops to sniff everything so thoroughly! Even better for her is the opportunity to call out to every dog she sees (no matter how far away he or she might be!) She is also willing to take on any car or truck she sees!

She made herself at home the first night by burrowing under the sheets to the very bottom of the bed.  She’s very affectionate and loves to make contact – sitting on laps, leaning against legs, lying sideways across the bed (stretched to her full length!), and snoozing in my arms as I work at my desk.  Today in a video meeting, I had to turn off my microphone when I realized that others in the meeting could hear Fendi’s snores which had gotten quite loud.  I guess I have grown accustomed to the sounds. 


One of her favourite things is to race back and forth in the backyard, calling out to the neighbours’ dog, who also happens to love calling out at the top of her lungs. They have only met through the fence so far,  but I think the day they finally meet will be epic!  In any case, our neighbourhood is surely aware by now that there’s a new dog in town!

Riding in the car is an exciting experience…..Fendi loves to say "hello" to other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and of course, other dogs.  And she just about loses her mind if we drive alongside a bus!  We drop off and pick up my daughter from work most days. Fendi is heartbroken each time we drop off (until she sees a squirrel or leaf) and falls in love all over again at pick up time.

Fendi enjoys her squeaky toys. Making them squeak is a full-body activity for her and she has found that this is another way to make contact with her humans.  She will sit or lie close to one of us and use us as the solid surface to pound her toy against to get the very best squeaks!

One of my favourite things is to see the joy she brings to others – her happy, animated face never fails to bring out the smiles from others as we take our walks together. It is wonderful to have a pug in my life again, and I look forward to enjoying the next decade, and finding new ways to show her how special and loved she is!

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