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Pugalug Rescue #370 - Pebbles

Pebbles has settled in well. On her first night she showed her spunky side and demanded we play with her by playfully attacking our feet. She loves her toys. Every night before bedtime she walks over to us on the couch and stares at us before she starts giving us silent barks to play with her. She will usually play bow and pounce at our feet until we get one of her toys. She loves mashing her stuffies on our legs while she chews on them, and occasionally shakes them around throwing them in the air. Once in a while she will go crazy for a small ball and chase it around the apartment.

She likes to ramp herself up before she eats all her meals. She does tiny barks and hops away from her food bowl in excitement. We have also discovered she likes to hover over our feet for belly rubs and will follow our foot around if it moves, lining up her tummy or chest just right and adjusting as needed. Her personality cracks us up and brings us endless hours of amusement every single day.

She loves her walks, and loves meeting other dogs outside. She's been able to easily keep up with us when we've wanted to go on a bit of a longer walk on warmer days. She knows all of her commands and some tricks, which we have been enjoying working on with her.

Whenever she isn't sassing us, or her food, we can usually find her upside down in her bed snoring loudly. Her non-stop pug noise soundtrack is endearing, and we look forward to the next new noise she will make. We are so excited to give this wonderful senior her forever home and can't wait to see more of her hilarious personality come out. She is truly everything to love about a pug. 

Pugalug Rescue #370 - Pebbles

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