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We are so sad to have to announce that we sent Cookie over the Rainbow Bridge Wednesday morning. He had a number of physical ailments including elevated liver values, spinal weakness (intervertebral disk disease) which affected his mobility, a lump on his shoulder (which may or may not have been cancerous), almost complete blindness and “dry eye”, and impaired hearing. On occasion he could be seen completely disoriented, staring into space or walking into things. His sleeping was fitful and when awake he exhibited increased anxiety - pacing, panting and barking, always demanding to be face-to-face within 6 inches of his foster pug brother, day and night. Every time his foster brother (who was very tolerant) moved to get some personal space, Cookie would panic bark until he could find him again. It got to the point that he would stand in front of his foster brother and bark for no apparent reason. He clearly was not happy. We were in touch with a behavioural modification specialist but the protocol was going to be dependent on Cookie’s ability to see and hear cues; being essentially blind and hearing impaired, this would have been an unrealistic scenario. Besides, his condition may have been less about generalized anxiety than Canine Cognitive Disorder (doggie Alzheimers), which is not fixable. This week we contacted the vet for some calming medication. They said that Cookie had so many concurrent issues, physical and emotional, that fixing them all was unlikely at his age and that his quality of life, already poor, would only get worse. They said the kindest thing we could do was to give him peace by humanely euthanizing him. It was with a great deal of sorrow we said goodbye to him on Wednesday morning. He passed peacefully in his foster mom’s arms, knowing love. Making the decision to let an animal go feels a bit like playing God, a responsibility one never wants. We often second-guess ourselves as to whether the timing and motivation is right. But in the end, it comes down to what’s best for the animal. We believe this is what was best for Cookie. When love and our best caring efforts are not enough to help a dog in this lifetime, we must give them the ultimate gift of love and let them go with kindness. Run like when you were a puppy, brave Cookie, and be happy and at peace. November 22, 2010 - May 25, 2022 

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